Monday, June 15, 2015

100 Degrees!'s hot today!
Little m wanted to swim in her pool, so thankful for the mister system we installed a few years back on the deck. That thing has been a life saver. We use it not only after working in the yard but for leisurely lounging in the backyard when the temps reach 100 degrees. The only drawback: you can't read a book or work on the computer but that's ok. It's more fun to watch Little m pretend to be mermaid.
Thought you might enjoy a video of my pond. The sound of water automatically makes the temperature drop 10 degrees.


                                       No, that is not a siren singing, it a Little m mermaid!
Stay cool,


  1. It's warming up here, too. And, that means the pool is warming up - so happy about that. But, I do not have a Little M swimming or singing mermaid songs. You are blessed!

  2. I envy you ... my pond is not working right brothers Lab hopped in it and made a hole in the plastic liner we must get out there and fix it very soon! Happy Summer!

  3. Yikes! 100 degrees already! You koi pond is just delightful. We have one too but our koi didn't make it through our winter. We brought them inside this fall and one of our cats figured out how to take the lid off of the fish tank. Enjoy your summer!

  4. Its been cool and rainy here for the last ... ummm forever! lol! I wish mother nature would spread it out and even it up for all of us.. I mean really.. some people desparetely need rain and some have simple had enough. if only it was that easy! lol!
    enjoy and stay cool!


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