Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Well...school's out for little june bug. She is so excited. Today is the first official day of summer for us. We did have to stop by school today to bring the classroom pet home. His name is Jonah and he is the classroom fish. Back in January while studying about the Government a few children ran for class President. Little j.b. was voted President. Yay! But then come the promises that you promised to your constituents: movie and popcorn twice a month, pizza party, show n tell, classroom pet, etc. She didn't want to promise them "no homework" because she said "We won't be ready for 4th grade if we never have any work for 3rd grade.". This is how we ended up with the classroom pet, Jonah, a betta fish. 
Earlier this morning we went to Wise Acres Farm and picked our fill of organic strawberries. 9 quarts to be exact. We had big sis, friend, little j.b and me all picking strawberries. Many hands make light work, was so true. We filled our baskets in about 45 minutes.

The Camarosa are big! Little j.b. picked one but then wanted to pick the smaller Cameron's to the right of this picture. 

They also had a sweet little bunny. Don't stick your fingers through the cage, I learned that lesson when I was little.

Very cute greenhouse made from discarded windows.

Little jb called this one Elvis because of his funny "hair" on top of his head.

Loved this planter.

Petting the young chickens.

Adorable coop!

Tight rope walking.

Zipline: "I have always wanted to do this! Now my dream is coming true!!"

She was not sure about the airplane swing. It was very wobbly, hard to balance.

Some of the beautiful strawberries!
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. Memorial Day was spent reflecting on those who have lost their lives serving our country and those that served our country but passed away as veterans. To all the current servicemen/women and veterans, thank you so much for keeping our country free and safe!! We truly appreciate it. 
Have a wonderful day,

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Hope each and everyone of you has the best Mother's Day, whether your babies are children or "fur" babies!