Friday, April 17, 2015

Farm House Style: Chickens and Ball Jars

I have been so busy here at the homestead! I have already started making teacher's gifts. I like to give gifts to the staff and elementary teachers at Little m's (D#2) school. She goes to a small school and the staff and teachers are so involved. Over the past 4 years we have gotten to know everyone. They are so sweet and special. I decided to fire up the kiln and melt some glass. I recently found those adorable Ball jars, you know the green, blue and purple jars. I thought that they would make a perfect spoon rest gift. I have been meaning to slump (melt) some wine bottles that my father in law gave me years ago and just haven't gotten around to it yet. Dear Hubby had a week off last week and what better time to fire up the kiln! It would have taken me forever to fire 16 wine bottles so I tried to figure out what else could I use. I had a few food jars to recycle and they would have worked great but they were plain and I only had a few. As I looked around to use something else I spied my green ball jars on the kitchen table full of daisies. So a huntin' I went. Walmart, Target and grocery store had very few. I guess they are popular. I managed to scrape together about 20 jars. Slumping them is so easy it's almost a crime! The hardest part was waiting until morning to open the kiln.
My sweet little kiln!

The beautiful jars.

Such a pretty vintage color. I stood this one upright so you could see the sunlight shinning through it.

Placed the spoon on it to show what it can be used for. You could also use it for a soap dish in the kitchen. Little side note: I thought that I was creating something new and original. The only jars that I had ever seen slumped were clear jars. I thought "what a perfect thing to put on Etsy!", until I looked on Etsy. Lol, let's just say "great minds think alike".

I am also crocheting these sweet little Henrietta potholders. 10 down and 6 more to go. I am getting really fast after making 10! I can now make one in about 2 1/2 hours! The first couple of nights my arm hurt like crazy. I also purchased little berry baskets to place the jars and chickens in. I will tie it all up in cellophane and use a gingham ribbon. Fun!!