Saturday, November 1, 2014

I Choose You!

We had so much fun last night. Weather was perfect until about 9pm and then it started to rain. The moon had been out previously. Today it is so cold, I don't think we got above 49 degrees. 

I bet that you all are wondering if I pulled it off. 
Turning this:

Into this:

Pikachu, I choose you!
Sad Pikachu. No treats yet.

Surprised Pikachu.

Maybe model Pikachu?

Worried Pikachu.

D#2 picked out each of these poses and told me what they meant. She had a blast as Pikachu, fyi he's a character for video games and also a cartoon on TV.
All the children knew who she was. She had one little boy yell out "Pikachu.....I choose you!". That made her night. After she was good and tired, dad and Pikachu headed home. She loves to hand out candy, so they came back about an hour before the end. Pjs on, counting candy, face still painted and the doorbell rings. Not one to shy away from handing out candy she answers the door. A group of kids exclaim "It's Pikachu! She's the one that was Pikachu!". That put a big grin on her face and made making the costume worth it.

Now on to the next project.....Nutcracker themed birthday party! I gotta get crackin'.
Have a wonderful and stay warm kind of weekend!

Edited to add: Yes! It's the Nutcracker Ballet characters!! I love Nutcrackers. I also plan on showing you how to personalize some Dollar Tree Nutcrackers. So while they have them in stock, go and grab ya some!