Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Well Dressed Gal

I have had this little project on the bucket list for quite a while now. This little FW was shown a lot of love from her previous owner and I want to keep her as chip free as possible. But with moving her in and out of the little travel box, chips are sure to happen. The old gal needed some protective clothing. 

This is how you put her into the travel box, ahem......naked. The cord and petal fit into the box. You place the  attachments, thread, bobbins, etc in the top tray. And as careful as I want to be am, I know that chips are in our future. So, to remedy this ghastly disaster I wanted to make some sort of bags and cover for her.

Ta...da...I made a "sock" for the platform that lifts up, the platform will actually hit the screw that is in the "head" of the machine if you are not careful. Ouch! I made a lined bag for the cord and petal and another smaller quilted bag for the attachments. I wanted to quilt this bag to add extra padding to protect the attachments.

Here is the cover. Don't you just love the Mary Engelbreit fabric. I have had this in my stash for ages. I am trying to use my sister's sense of "use it or lose it". She is culling her fabric stash down by making her girls adorable clothing. Go and take a look at her and a friend's new sewing blog: ISewYouSew.

Now the cover is converted into a tote to carry your machine or to lower it down into the case. I don't have a pattern for the sock or two bags but you can find the pattern for the tote/dust cover on the blog CraftyHipster. If your machine is larger, just enlarge the pattern. I plan on making a dust cover for all of my machines. I am going to be very busy for a while :)

The dust cover turned upside down to form a tote. 

Birdseye view. All tucked in nice and neat. This was a fun project. The only thing that I changed from the pattern was the piping. I made my own. It is very simple to make. 3 yards of cording about 1/8"-1/4" diameter. I find that the smaller diameter cording is easier to sew onto a project, less bulky.

Have a goodnight and keep those crafty fingers busy,

Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer! Where Have You Gone?

Summer has been a blast this year! We have had so much fun just doing normal stuff. And I can't believe that in a week D#2 starts school, D#1 moves back to college, Son starts college. Where did Summer go? 
D#2 wanted to learn to sew this summer. We borrowed a doll clothes pattern from a neighbor and used some left over material to make the cutest clothes. I taught her how to read the pattern instructions, lay & pin the pattern on the fabric, cut it out and sew.
 I believe in all it took us about 7 hours from start to finish. It is an easy pattern. This was her first time sewing and she did really well. She wasn't afraid of the machine, didn't get impatient reading the instructions and stitched real slow (which I stressed constantly, no speed sewing allowed). We made the orange top and grayish pants. That was outfit "B".

She loved sewing!

The completed outfit! We are going to make kid size pj bottoms next. That should be a lot easier. Nothing but straight stitching. 

Molly all glammed up and standing on her own. D#2 said "Mom, she can stand by herself! Put a picture of that on your blog!" :) It's the little things.

Happy sewing!