Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine Swap And A Vintage Gem

I decided to participate in Sandy's Valentine Swap back in January. I was paired up with Jenny of Jenny's Heart. She is an amazing woman with a wonderful blog. As you read her blog you really get to know Jenny. She loves the Lord, her sweet husband and her wonderful family. She loves papercrafts and swaps. I am so glad that I was paired with her. We love the same things: vintage, vintage and more vintage! She sent me the most amazing Valentine box filled to the brim with bits and bobs, vintage goodness, candy and ephemera. I plan on working on more paper crafts this year (as well as adding in a lot of sewing) and the things that she sent me are perfect!
Look at all the goodies! Zoom in to take a closer look.

A vintage Easter card! I don't have very many of these and I loved adding this one to my collection. See the ric rac in the upper left corner. I love that color!!

Look! Vintage valentine, vintage letter seals (Christmas!!), candy, ephemera, adorable straws, candy cups, ice cream cup, buttons, felt envelope! 

This is an adorable Valentine box. It is perfect and I am proudly displaying it among my Valentine decorations!

I am so glad that she sent me these seals. I have been looking and looking for some vintage Christmas letter seals and these are just adorable. My sister gave me some rose letter seals that I love and this started me on the hunt for more.

Baby Jesus, little church and sweet little girl. These look like they are from the later 60s or 70s, going by the graphics and colors. Perfectly adorable.
If you get a chance head on over to Jenny's blog and say "hi". I didn't take any pictures of what I sent her but she said that she is going to blog about it this weekend. She has had so much snow and cloudy days & that makes it hard to take bright pictures. I had to wait until today even though it is brighter today it is still not sunny. Thank you so much Jenny! I am so glad we were swap buddies! You spoiled me.

I never did show you what I bought on my antiquing adventures over Christmas. Mom, sister, D#1 and I went to a little town in Georgia called Hogansville. Dad kept on telling us that we needed to go and check out their downtown. He said that they have a lot of antique stores and we would have a blast. Boy was he right. They had the cutest stores filled to the brim with antiques and after Christmas sales. So sorry but I didn't take pictures of the vintage Christmas that I bought and I have already packed them away. I also didn't take my camera to get shots of their downtown but if you google Hogansville, Ga, several downtown images will come up. Cute town. I did manage the score of a lifetime though. As you know, I already have a black Featherweight meet Miss White Featherweight.

For some reason the cat and dog love to explore the craftroom while I work. Smokie is very curious as to what is in the vintage sewing box. Estate sale find $4, loaded with sewing supplies.

Smokie graciously used himself as a scale to show how small the Featherweight is. He is about 11lbs and so is the sewing machine. See the plant in the background? Every time I take a cutting from the mother plant, I place it in this window. They love the morning light coming through and grow like weeds!
Did you guess what I paid for this lovely little rare beauty? $35, yep. 35 buckaroos!! I couldn't believe it. This particular machine is worth 10 times that. It runs smooth and purrs like ...well....a....kitten :) It was sitting in a chair, dusty, lonely and of course I had to rescue her. She has been well taken care of and treated well. She does have a few tiny battle scars, as her case has long been lost. If you ever find one of these little coveted gems snatch her up rescue her. You won't be sorry, even though she will make the other machines in your craft room a little jealous.
Happy hunting,


  1. Jenny is the best! We have been so lucky to make friends in this cute and crafty way. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the future. Happy Weekend!

  2. What luck! I was at the Road To California Quilt Show. The pink featherweight I coveted was $1,400.00! One day, I hope to own a featherweight.

  3. Your sweet Smokie looks like our naughty little Macy - who also checks out everything I bring into the house. I've gathered quite a collection of the vintage Christmas seals - you can find them so cheap, it's hard not to buy them! Keep your eyes open when you're out antiquing and you'll find some more.

  4. Holly,
    So glad you joined the swap! Looks like you were taken care of very well by Jenny! :) Thanks for being a participant!


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