Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Mustache You A Question.....

That saying just has me in stitches! I love puns and this one is classic. This year I have used it for my Valentine bunny.
I "Mustache" you a question.....Will you be my Valentine? 
Pattern for bunny here

I don't have a pattern for the mustache. It is so easy to just freehand the mustache. Draw one side of the mustache (I find it easier to draw the right side), fold paper in half and cut out but do not cut on the fold. Now you have a perfect mustache, equal on both sides. But if you find it easier to have a pattern, just zoom in on the picture and trace the mustache. Cut mustache out of felt. If you want to find all of my patterns/projects in one place instead of hunting on my blog, just go to Pinterest and up in the top

left corner type in cotton pickin fun and hit enter. Most of my projects will come up.

If you have been wondering where I have disappeared to these last few weeks, take a look below...

Daughter #2 decided that she wanted a "business". She talked about all the stuff she could make and, quilts, dolls, dragons, concoctions (not really sure what that is), button bracelets, cupcakes, etc. Oh boy....most of that sounded like work for mom. And the shoes.....I don't know anything about making shoes or concoctions. I remembered something that her big sis and I use to sell at some crafts fairs we use to participate in. D#1 and I made spiders on a stick (painted styrofoam balls with pipecleaner legs tied onto a wooden dowel with elastic string) and fur pencils. Those things sold out every time we made them. I didn't like the idea of shipping long dowels so I showed her a pencil that I still had from those craft show days. She loved it and wanted to get started right away. She borrowed $100 from my Etsy shop and we went and purchased $80 worth of fake fur. and about $30 worth of pencils (I chipped in $10).
We started cutting fur and gluing. I hot glue the fur and she uses tacky glue for the eyes and bows. 
I thought that we might sell a few here and there but 558 pencils later and I must admit I am a pleasantly surprised. We just opened her store back in Nov 2013. Most of the sales have been Valentine's Day favors. Funfunfun!!! She is overjoyed. Anyway that is where I have been spending most of my time. Things are a little calmer today and I must get some stuff crossed off of my craft bucket list. I plan on working on quilts in the coming months. I have a lot of WIPs (works in progress). 
Here are some vintage Valentines that I have copied for you. I figured that several to a page would keep you from wasting cardstock if you wanted to print them out.  

I love the drum valentine. Dear hubby was a drummer before he became a football player in high school. We played in the band together. I played the flute.

These are from the 40s. One says "1948" and another one says "1941".

I love the red hearts on these. On most of them you can tell the mother helped. Perfect & petite cursive writing. To Ruthie From Bob, Jr.

I can remember sitting on the kitchen floor in front of the heat vent, list in hand, crossing each name off as it was printed on the Valentine. Not following in order down the list but each Valentine printed according to the value of the friendship. Best friends first, next to best friends, friends but not best friends, and then the boys. Some boys first, some next and then the ones that pulled your hair last.

Here's a few tiles that I copied for you. Use them on the back of some tiles that you already have and double your stash or glue them onto foam board and make your own tiles. An xacto knife works great for this project. Use a ruler for the straight edge to cut perfect tiles. 

This past week we had a special visitor. Granny M.

Actually D#2 had 100th day at school. They encourage the students to dress up like they are 100 years old and it is so cute. We have been hunting props all year. Estate sales yielded: hat, gloves, and cane. My sweet sister made the yellow flower broach. The beautiful purse was a steal for $12 at an antique store. The purse held an vintage hankie. I did put a little powder on her face and she pinched her cheeks and bit her lips to make them red, not sure where in the world she got those beauty tips but she wouldn't let me touch her with my lipstick and blush. She said "I got it covered," when I asked her if she wanted lipstick and blush. I tried to get her put some lipstick on her teeth but that was a no go, too. 

I will be back tomorrow to show you what I am working on,


  1. You have certainly been busy. What fun projects. I'm sure your daughter is so pleased with her sales. Love the 100 day Granny pics. Thank you for the Valentine graphics!

  2. Darling post and so exciting about your daughters sweet pencils! That is awesome! Cute granny pics! Wishing you a sweet day! xo Heather

  3. Very cute and I love the way your daughter wanted to open a shop and of course Mothers do a lot of the work... it's part of teaching and learning.. Darling 100 year old Grand pictures!


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