Saturday, December 14, 2013

Yarn Snowman

It's no secret that I love ornaments! Vintage, handmade, or store bought, it doesn't matter. Do you have a special ornament that brings back childhood memories? As soon as you see it, it transports you back to when you were 9 years old? I am very lucky to have a few of my maternal Grandmother's (MaMa) ornaments that she used for years on her tree. One of my favorite ornament or rather ornaments are of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause made out of yarn. Do you remember these?
My version is a snowman.

Below are the vintage yarn ornaments. Brown with age (hard to tell in this photo), moth eaten faces, missing parts, but I love them anyway!!
I am not sure who made them, I must ask my mom. They bring back the sweetest memories of her house: Christmas baking, laughter, cousins playing, parade on tv, practicing for our Nativity production, wondering if it would snow, would Santa come?, fire crackling, chestnuts from my grandfather's tree, roasting hotdogs over open fire, tractor rides into the woods and my grandmother's famous fruitcake!

Supplies to make your own Yarn Snowman:
black wool felt
red wool felt
pink wool felt
green & red wool felt
1/4" wide red ribbon
small black beads-5
black embroidery floss
Scraps of cardboard: cut one 14"x6" and one 5"x3"

Wrap yarn 30 times around largest cardboard. Carefully slip off.

Lay the yarn on the table and tie a 6" piece of yarn around the middle. This will be at the top of the head.

Fold the yarn in half with the piece of yarn you just tied at the top. Now go down about 11/2" down tie a 6" piece of yarn for the neck. Then tie another piece of yarn for the waist about 1 1/2" down from the neck. 

To make the arms, wrap the yarn around the 5"x3" cardboard 30 times. Carefully remove and tie a piece of yarn at both ends-see photo.

Make a hole with your finger all the way through the abdomen and insert arms. It is not necessary to glue or sew the arms to the body.

Now you can cut the loops on the hands and feet. Trim them as you would a pom pom. 

For the face:
Cut the face out of white felt. Glue cheeks and nose on. Stitch eyes on and then embroider mouth and eyebrows.

Make the hat the same way as Abe Lincoln's hat. Glue ribbon around hat body and then glue holly leaves and berries on. Tie a 8" piece of white or black embroidery floss onto the yarn (this yarn is the piece that you tied in the middle in photo2) for a hanger. I then threaded a needle with this floss and went through the bottom of the hat, not the middle of the hat but off to the side) and then back out of the side of the hat. I know this sounds confusing, but the photo5 explains it better. I did it this way because I like Frosty's hat a little off center. If you like you could always go straight through the middle of his hat.

My vintage yarn Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause. Wouldn't these look so cute tied onto gifts instead of bows? I also plan on make the Clauses this year too and if I get to them I will post a picture.

Now this is just plain cotton pickin' fun!

Elfie up to his old tricks. He is using a candy cane and yarn to zip line across the dining room. D#2 left the yarn and candy cane out for him to use the night before. At night we can hear the soft pitter patter of his tiny feet running across the carpet. Our Bethlehem village in the background. Every year hubby and I on our anniversary (which is today! 22 years!!) go to the Peppermint Forest (local store, you can google it: Peppermint Forest, NC) and pick out pieces to add to the village. We went this morning after a nice breakfast at Panera Bread with D#2, Son and his girlfriend (D#1 had a final today and couldn't make it). It's also a tradition to buy a Holiday Loaf from Panera. At Peppermint Forest we selected a few nice pieces to add and had such a great time. The picture above was taken before the new pieces were added. 

Display tray of vintage cuteness. Idea taken from Gooseberry Patch Christmas book. 

Santa Tater
D#2 had to decorate a potato for Thanksgiving Market (school function). Our job was to create a potato character that doesn't look like a potato but, we couldn't carve it or poke holes in it. D#2 wanted to make hers into a Santa. She glued everything and I cut it out. She handstitched the hat and back of the Santa suit. She loved the sewing part the best, her words. We also came up with a song in the tune of Santa Baby:

Santa Tater, just slip a
plate of fries under
the tree, oh please.

Santa tater, a bottle
of ketchup for me,
red not green.

D#2 had a hard time believing they use to make green and purple ketchup years ago :)

Have a wonderful day and weekend,


  1. So sweet Holly! What wonderful Christmas memories. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Such sweet Christmas ornaments. What special memories. Your snowman's face is just so sweet. All the little details right down to the holly on the hat make it even more special. Happy Anniversary. Your Elfie certainly has been busy. Love your daughter's potato Santa. Christmas hugs!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had fun and the elves were busy while you were gone! Love the sweet yarn tutorial! Have a fun weekend!

  4. Happy Anniversary ! Boy, Elfie sure gets around. I would not have known that was a potato if you hadn't mentioned it, very cute. I will definitely try the snowman since those are my favorite. I think I have seen a vintage card with what appears to be yarn people on i

  5. A great 'tute' Holly! I will make some snow people after Christmas! Thanks for sharing!

  6. So adorable! Thanks for always sharing such sweetness! Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas! xo Heather

  7. These are soo adorable!! Love the snowman! Thanks for sharing the how-to! I remember going to Sunday school with my grandma and making some yarn dolls :) Such sweet memories! Happy Anniversary!! And I love your vintage goodies there too! So pretty! Wishing you a lovely week, Merry Christmas! xo Holly

  8. Your yarn ornaments are precious. Even though I have finished making all of my presents, I may have to hit the yarn and make some. I can remember them form my childhood. genie


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