Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Catching Up

Hey everyone! I hope you weekend was great! I spent all last week making costumes. D#2 had Spirit Week at school for the volley ball team. Each day of the week was assigned a different theme. Monday was America day, Tuesday was Tacky Tourist, Wednesday was Disney character, Thursday was Spirit Day (dress in school colors) and Friday was Decade day. Of course I had to make something for each day whether it was an accessory or the costume. For Monday we already had a Flag dress and red hair bows. On Tuesday she dressed in a tye dye shirt, shorts and I made a fake camera with fake Polaroid pictures glued onto the back of the camera. It turned out real cute and she said that all of her friends enjoyed taking pictures with it. On Wednesday she wore her Merida costume (from the movie Brave). I made her a quiver out of felt, paper bow and paper arrows. Thursday she wore a burgundy shirt with gold hair bows. Friday was the grande finale, I made a poodle skirt or rather a Scotty dog skirt. She dressed from the 1950s. Her skirt is red with an adorable Scotty dog sewn to it. This was such a busy week that thankfully I had finished her Halloween costume the weekend before. She was an owl-hoot hoot. Hopefully I can get all of the pictures uploaded tomorrow.

Have you ever visited Noialand? If not, you need to go over and visit Paloma. She makes the most adorable dolls from felt and even sells her patterns so that you may create your own. Anyway, she made the cutest Candy Corn doll, but she herself had never tasted Candy Corn. She explained on her blog that it must taste like oranges, lemons and coconut. Hmmmmm.....candy corn has it's own unique flavor that is really hard to describe. So instead of describing it to her, I sent her a bag. She was so sweet and insisted on sending me something in return. Just look at the most adorable brooch that she sent!!! It is truly amazing. Look at all of the beautiful embroidery. And look at the beautiful hand drawn postcard. She is truly talented! I was truly touched. Thank you so much Paloma!! I will always treasure these wonderful gifts. Btw: her blog is beautiful!
This brooch is exquisite!! I have it hanging proudly in my craftroom.

Look at the adorable house! It is actually a bag. So cute and clever.

Did you see the owl swap on Debby's blog? What a fun and clever idea!! I participated and can't wait to receive my owls. I will definitely be sharing them on the blog. Thank you so much Debby!!
Here's the owls I sent. If you would like to make your own, I have a pattern for them in my Etsy store.

Happy little acorn :)

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!! And keep those fingers busy,


  1. Exchanges between bloggy friends can be so much fun! Your owls are adorable, as are the little dolly and house made by your friend. I guess candy corn is a uniquely American candy.

    1. Oh yes...bloggy friends are the best! I had never thought about it before, but your are right, candy corn must be an American thing. have a wonderful night, holly

  2. Owls with glasses! Too cute, and the little acorn is fun too. Keep on crafting...Christmas is around the corner with Thanksgiving so late this year!

  3. What a sweet pin you received. FYI...I miss your other header!

  4. Me alegro mucho te te hayan gustado mi pequeño regalo. Los búhos también son preciosos. Besitos.

  5. You 've been busy! The owls are darling, can't wait to see the ones you receive. The brooch is sweet. You just reminded me I have a bag of candy corn I forgot to put out. Oh darn more for me.

  6. Dear Holly....I received my precious own and I love him. Your stitches are so nice. I have all my little owls on the table in the living room so I can enjoy them. Please go to my blog so you can see what I wrote to each of you that sent me an owl. I am your newest follower. I somehow lost all of my blogs from the sidebar, so I am having to start over from scratch. I love your work. genie buttonsforbaga.blogspot.com


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