Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Trick or Treat Ornaments II

Classic Creature Feature will return this Friday! Hope everyone here in the US had a wonderful Labor Day. We sure did. The in-laws were in town and we have a wonderful visit!

Have you decorated for Fall yet? I have almost finished.  I like to get decorations up early so I can enjoy them as long as possible.

Here are two more Trick or Treat Ornaments. Only one left. I wanted to go ahead and upload them for you so that you could get a head start before October gets here. I will get the last one ready for next week's post.
Pattern here.


wooden bead- paint face on, seal with mod podge
striped scrap of fabric
one pipe cleaner for each ornament (follow body instructions for Kitty Girl here)
wool felt:white, blue, black, flesh, yellow, red, green, gray
scrap of black cardstock
embroidery thread: red, white, blue and gray
small eye hook-I get mine from Hobby Lobby in the wood section
paper wrapped floral wire
small black bead

Little Pirate.
Cut out all pattern pieces and then felt pieces. Using pipecleaners, make the body. Glue the arms, legs and feet on. Sew the pants on and then the shirt. Glue the head on. 

His belt is made out of jute rope and his sword is cut out of cardstock. His head scarf is a 1/2" x 10" strip of fabric. Cut it to size after you have tied it on. Screw the eye hook into the top of the head. Tie the embroidery floss on.

Cut out the pattern pieces and then the felt pieces. Make the pipe cleaner body. Glue the hands and feet on. Stitch the spacesuit onto the body. Glue the decorations on.
Spaceman's antennae is a piece of paper coated floral wire painted gray. I glued a small bead on top of the antennae. Drill a hole in the wooden head where the antennae will go and glue in place. Glue the head onto the body. Screw the eye hook into the top of the head.

Hang your ornaments on your tree. Enjoy!

If you have any trouble viewing the pattern, please don't hesitate to contact me and let me know. I now use Google Docs to store my patterns. This is an easy way to keep them all together.
Happy crafting and
Have a wonderful day!

TammyCA- Sorry you can't download Kitty Girl pattern, for a limited time (about a week) I will download it to the Kitty Girl post for you to make a copy. 
Shelley K-I need you address to send you the Kitty Girl that you won. Just send me an email with your address before the end of this week, after Friday I will send it to the second name that was drawn. I don't have your email address or I would send you an email. Hope that you see this post :)


  1. Holly,
    These are just adorable! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  2. So adorable and such a sweet little tree!! Thanks for always sharing such cuties! Happy September! xo Heather

  3. They are so adorable!! Love your little tree!! Thank for always sharing with us! You give such inspiration!! Happy September, have a great day! xo Holly

  4. Oh holly I like your little kitty girl and that little pirate is adorable!


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