Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Trick or Treat!

Every year I made my children's Halloween costumes. Fun, exciting and non scary. Over the years I have made: Snow White, Prince Charming, Cheerleader, Woody from Toy Story, Scooby Doo, Kitty Cat, Bat, Ash (cartoon character), Dalmatian, Angel and many others. I love looking back at these pictures and remembering all of the fun times. I wanted to capture those memories in a Halloween project, mainly an ornament. I have a cute feather tree that was just begging for ornaments. This is a fun and very quick project. Very small amount of sewing and painting involved. I have made several of these Trick or Treat Kids that I will be sharing with you in the coming weeks. The first one is my favorite: Kitty Cat Girl.

Cute vintage cupcake pick makes an adorable Trick or Treat pumpkin. Just break the pick part off.

Supplies needed:
Cut out patterns. Cut out felt pieces. Paint head and mod podge head.

Cut pipecleaner in half. Bend each piece in half. Push one set into head and bend to make "shoulder" area.

The other half is for the legs. You might need to zoom in for a closer look to see placement of legs across shoulders.

Lay the felt body on top of the arms and legs. Trim the arms and legs within 1/4" of edge of sleeves and hem of "pants". 

Glue the hands and feet on. After glue dries, sew costume body on. I trimmed her wrists, ankles and neck in black pipecleaner. Glue some pompoms on the front of her costume. If you would like to make her into an ornament, carefully screw a tiny eyehook into the top of her head and tie embroidery floss for a hanger. Glue felt ears on. 
Pattern is here.



Please do not pin pattern to Pinterest. Thanks.

So sorry, but I will be out of town on Friday, so Creature Feature Trinket Boxes will resume the next Friday. I guarantee the next trinket box will give you a howling good time.

What was your favorite/most memorable costume as a child? Or one that you made for your child?  Or what is your favorite thing to do in the Fall? Leave a comment and let me know before 1pm August 13th and I will get D#2 to draw a name on Tuesday and you could win the Kitty Girl Ornament!

Have a wonderful night and keep those crafty hands busy,


  1. 3rd time a charm??? way back when I was a kid my mom made all our costumes...and I think the year we went to a party as the scarecrow family was my favorite thing about fall...all the colors....reds, golds and all the those colors

  2. I'll never forget the hours I put into a princess tutu with sequined crown and wand for my daughter when she was just a little over 3 years old. She was a precious princess for about 15 min when her attitude took a turn for the worst and she became a total witch, we still laugh at the pictures ... pouting with arms folded ... now halloween is her favorite :)

  3. I loved being a ballerina with a sweet pink tutu. It was the nicest store bought costume I ever had. I begged my Mom to buy it for me at a dress shop. It was more money than she probably wanted to spend, but she was my Mom. I still have the bead tiara she made for it. The tiara still fits, I might just wear it when I am feeling down.

  4. Oh I love your Kitty Girl!! She's adorable!!! Thanks so much for sharing how you made her! What a wonderful idea to hold onto those memories by seeing them on a cute little tree!! Love it! One of my favorites when I was little was a good witch, I just loved that pretty dress. It had many layers of black, orange, purple, sheer materials and sparkles :) I actually used that dress (I was a few years older, but still could fit into it) for a costume riding class at the fair on my favorite pony "Damita" :) Wishing you a wonderful weekend Holly! xo Holly

  5. Your Kitty Girl is absolutely adorable!!! Thanks for always sharing such sweetness! Wishing you a crafting day! xo Heather

  6. You are so creative...I love all your cuties, especially the ones that look vintage. This Kitty girl looks so much like some of the '60s graphics from kid's magazines. I can't wait to make this one for my daughter who LOVES cats bigtime, but so far I can't seem to print the pattern. Have you had any of your creations published? I can really see these being in MollyMakes magazine.

  7. Your Kitty Girl is absolutely adorable!!! Thanks for always sharing such sweetness! Wishing you a crafting day!

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