Friday, August 16, 2013

Creature Feature Friday! The Wolf Man

Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments on Kitty Girl! She is really easy to make and such a cute ornament. Now, for  the next Creature Feature. Did you guess correctly? It's the old movie The Wolf Man! That one was scary to me, but also a fun movie. I loved the old Gypsy lady. Did you see the one called Silver Bullet? Oh boy, was that movie SCARY and intense! I saw it as a teenager on t.v., I can't imagine watching it on the big screen. Well, my Wolf Man is not that scary. He is rather cute.

Tiny claws on each hand!

Movie poster for the Classic!

"...howl at the moon...." is painted on the lid. I couldn't find the round box to match this lid, so technically he is not a trinket box yet ;)

Side view.

Back view.

Remnant of fake fur (found at Hobby L)
Wool felt: mossy green, black, & brown
2 black safety eyes, clip the "stems" off
white paper for the teeth
paper mache box with lid, painted black using mod podge as a sealer
embroidery floss to match wool
Pattern here

Cut all pattern pieces out. Cut wool felt pieces. Be very careful when cutting out the fake fur pieces. You will want to take tiny snips at the fur when cutting. Do not take full scissor cuts because this will cause the fur to look unnaturally cut.

Sew the arms, legs (don't forget the foot gussets), body and inner head. Attach all of these parts using glue or thread. I like thread because you don't have to wait for it to dry.

The main thing working with fake fur is to not get the fur caught in the stitches. So, carefully sew the fur head, leaving the chin area open so that you can slip it over the inner head. I used a button hole stitch as I pinched the two pieces of fur together. I did put a few pins in it before I started sewing to keep it from slipping. 

Now trim the fur from the face area, pattern will show you the area to trim. Glue eyes on (I made a comma shape on the lower area of the eye to give it some depth. I just used acrylic paint. If it rubs off, I can always just paint it right back on so I didn't worry about sealing it.), glue nose on and then mouth. The teeth were cut out of copy paper and glued on using a glue stick.

Sew the clothes onto the body. Pants first then shirt. Now place the fur head on. You can leave it loose or glue it in place. Glue claws on and then glue him onto the trinket box. I like to "brush" Wolf Man's fur by blowing on it. I find that this works great at making the fur stand on end, plus it's fun!

That's a wrap!
(next Creature Feature clue above! Can you guess?)

I hope you have some howling good fun making him,


  1. He's so cute Holly!! You did such a great job on him too! Wishing you a lovely and crafty weekend!! xo Holly

    1. Hey Holly! Thanks! He was so fun to create. But I must be allergic to werewolves, his fur kept me sneezing. Have a wonderful day, Holly

  2. He is Amazing!! and so are You!
    Chris =]

    1. Hey Chris, Thank you so much, you are too kind! Have a wonderful day, Holly

  3. I love the Wolfman with Lon Chaney and the gypsy lady " Whoever is bitten by the werewolf..." I think the next one up is the mummy. This is such a cute series you are making.

    1. Lol, Carolyn. You sure do pay attention to detail! I am glad that you like the series. Have a wonderful night, Holly


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