Friday, August 23, 2013

Classic Creature Feature Friday: The Mummy!

Did you guess the Classic Creature right? Carolyn did! It's the Mummy! Have you ever watched this movie? It is a really good Classic Creature Feature (but not for the kiddos), even though the man's mad laughing in the beginning is kind of crazy.
Make the Mummy body the same way as all of the other felt trinket box characters. To save a few steps instead of cutting out 4 head pieces (since the center seam will be covered with mummy gauze) you could just cut out 2 circles and instead of 4 body pieces cut out 2. For the 2 body pieces: cut out two body paper pattern pieces and lay them side by side with the straight sides touching, pin and then cut out a single felt piece for the front. Do this step again for the back.

The Mummy is covered in strips of 1" cheese cloth. You can find cheese cloth in the baking aisle or where the canning supplies are located. I didn't even glue the ends, just tucked them in. For a more old antiquey mummy look, you could soak the cheese cloth in a weak brew of tea or coffee.

Back of box.
Paint lid a sandy color and the box a light brown. Hieroglyphics are painted with black paint.

Front of box.

Paper clay eyes. Make a ball of paper clay, flatten one side, let dry and paint white with black centers. Mouth is embroidered on using a running stitch, you could easily use a stem stitch. I lightly dusted the cheek area with blush.

I did glue some sand on the lid. To do this, finish painting the lid. Pour a little sand into a paper plate. Using masking tape, tape two spots about 1/4" x 1/4" square where the feet will go. Now mod podge the entire surface, leaving the taped pieces free of mod podge. Smosh the lid into the sand. Let dry for about 30 min. Lightly brush off loose sand. I globbed mod podge on top of the sand using a 1" wide brush, being very careful not to "pick up" any sand. This may have to dry for a while. I think mine took about 3-4 days to completely dry. After dry, with a needle, pick the tape off. You can now glue the mummy on.
Pattern found here.

The Monster Mash is almost complete! Just two more to go.
The next guy is going to give you a shocking good time. Can you guess?

Have a wonderful crafty night,


  1. Holly these are so darling, I am feeling much better slow recovery but I am patient. Hugs, Diane

  2. Is he tall with odd body piercings on his neck and big shoes? zzt...
    Chris =]

  3. This one is my favorite so far. I'm going with Frankenstein next.

  4. Such a cute mummy!!! Love all your characters!! So cute! Happy new week! xo Holly

  5. Love your new background, header and those cute new kneehuggers!!! So cute Holly!! (: Wishing you a lovely long weekend!! xo Holly


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