Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Murder By Crows.....Or Rather A Murder Of Crows?

Just popping in to say "Hi". Things have been so busy around here lately. D#1 off to college, D#2 back to school and Son filling out paperwork, etc for the Navy. I think that he is a little undecided about the Navy, but he says that he is going to join. I'll keep you posted. Some kind of test that he needs to take is offered in about 6 weeks, meanwhile he is enjoying his electrical job.

The weather is turning a little cooler. The other day I was doing yard work, temp was about 70 and the crows were cawing. Did you know that a group of crows is called a Murder? One morning last fall while I was making my daily walking around the neighborhood, a bunch of crows started following me. They hopped/flew from tree to tree for about 1/2 mile. Weird, I thought. As I was watching them, I also thought "Oh man.....a group of crows is called a Murder. Yikes." All of this while I was walking up the dreaded really, really, really steep hill. My heart was already thumping out of my chest. Good thing it wasn't a group of vultures.

(photo courtesy of internet, no....I was not followed by that many crows. YIKES!)

All of this cooler, crow cawing weather has me thinking about Fall. I love the word Fall, but I also love the word Autumn. I love making Fall/Autumn crafts. I hope that you don't get tired of seeing them. Anyway, here's something recently that I designed and though that you might enjoy. For this particular one, I have the pattern listed on Etsy. My sweet sister and dear daughter have convinced me that I do need to add a few to Etsy.
I know that Sandy (521 Lake Street) and Deb (Garage Sale Gal) are having a Halloween Spoolie swap. Wouldn't these look so cute on a spoolie? I haven't decided if I am going to join or not, I am crazy busy right now, so feel free to use my Etsy pattern. I have another idea that I will use if I decide to join. It does sound like loads of fun!

Crazy monster. Love the hair. All four sides of his cube are painted with different monsters.

You can personalize your little guys! Doesn't he look hilarious with that hair?!?! I used fake fur instead of a hat. What a character!

Have a wonderful crafty night, Holly

Kid Notes: D#2 (who is 7 years old, by the way) informed hubby and I that she has a crush on a certain little boy in her class. Uh oh.....last time she had a crush was in preschool. She like this little boy so much that she said "He is just so cute that I have to give him a hug every day before we leave.". Oh man, how was I going to explain to a little 3 year old that rules in the preschool handbook specifically state "no physical contact between students, ex. hugging, hitting, pinching, .....". Well, I told her no more hugging cute, little, huggable Jeffrey (name changed to protect the cute & huggable little J), because the preschool handbook tells us not to. So, off to school we went. When it was time to go home, D#2 told J that she would give him one last little hug, she did and then he bit her. Yes, that cute, huggable, now devilish J. Cured her right then and there. No more hugging cute, little, huggable, seemingly harmless boys. Yep, cured her, until yesterday. But she quickly informed hubby and I "I have a crush on -------, but I am sure that it will pass in time, so don't worry." I am not worried, nope, not at all. She still talks about devilish J and the time he decided to take a bite out of her, but she has moved on. 


  1. Holly,
    You are so talented! These Halloween characters are just adorable! It' still too hot around here to think fall/autumn yet, but your creations are an inspiration. I just have to crank up/down? the AC and get going :)

  2. Oh My Gosh! Thank You for my spoolie inspiration! A skeleton was one my the ideas, and you solved my construction dilemas.
    Chris =]

  3. Oh my! What a cute little story of your daughter's crush! Lol. Love your Halloween characters! They are so cute! And I did not know that a group of crows was called a murder!!! That's so crazy they were following you! EEE! xo Holly

  4. Love your sweet Halloween characters!! Too funny of a story!! Have a crafty and lovely week!! xo Heather

  5. Hi Holly, Your Halloween monsters are adorable. You are so talented. I've had my supplies to make a batch of paper clay for over a year now, and still have not tried it. You are inspiring me, too.

    I am delighted that I could inspire you to re-do your kitchen. It is always fun to redo a room, especially a kitchen . . . we spend so much time in that room, right?

    Have a great weekend,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  6. Hey Holly! These are just adorable! Do you have an etsy store by chance?


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