Friday, May 3, 2013

The Happiest Candle On The Cake!

Don't you just love birthdays? I do! They are so much fun! I don't really care to be the center of attention now, but I enjoy helping others celebrate their special day. I had so much fun bringing to life the simple birthday candle. They have so much character! You can almost hear them singing "Happy Birthday!". 

Singing "Happy Birthday" on their little cupcake stand.

The candle drips are actually hot glue drips. Use an acrylic ruler to drop the "blobs" on. The blobs do not stick to the ruler once cooled. You could also use parchment paper. To make the blob, squeeze the gun trigger and once the blob starts, touch it to the non stick surface and slightly drag to create the long part of the drip. It will take 4 coats of paint and one coat of mod podge to coat the drips.

Happy little candle wearing a tutu! This sweetie pie is not for sale, but the other two are!

This sweet little cutie is $35 ($30 + $5 shipping). 

This sweet happy candle is $35 ($30 + $5 shipping) with ric rac trim. 

I do have 2 kits available for $20 each. Everything is included in the kit to make your very own candle, even the little flowers. The only thing that is not included are the glue drips. I am even including the cereal cardboard. Please let me know if you would like the pink candle kit or the yellow candle kit.  **Please note that I do not have any more of the rose ribbon. I will be substituting the rose ribbon with a large ric rac as seen on the pink candle in the picture above. I am hoping that I can locate some more of that gorgeous rose ribbon soon. I will keep you posted.

Supplies: wool felt (Joggles (online) carries wonderful wool felt), black pearl eyes, stuffing, pipe cleaner (I used a vintage one), glue (both hot and tacky white glue), glue drips (as explained above-you will need about 9 drips, paint them before applying to candle body), old cereal box, ribbon, tulle, & crepe paper.
*Stitch used is buttonhole stitch, unless otherwise noted.
(please do not "pin" pattern on pinterest, thanks)
(please do not "pin" pattern on pinterest, thanks)

1. Overlapping "A" on top of "B", sew in place. Matching the "C"s together, sew top onto candle body.
2. Stitch eyelashes and mouth. Glue cheeks, nose and eyes on. You could do this first, but I find it is easier to correctly place the face on once the candle is assembled.

3. Make the flame, lightly stuff it. Attach the flame to a 3" piece of pipe cleaner by inserting it between the stitches, add a drop of glue to the tip of the pipe cleaner first. 

4. Poke a hole in the top of the candle, just big enough for the pipe cleaner. Once the pipe cleaner is inserted bend the excess pipe cleaner at a 90 degree angle. Glue in place. I just let hot glue puddle a little on top of the bent pipe cleaner. Let it cool about 10 min. You may have to rebend the pipe cleaner to make the flame stand upright. 

5. Stuff, but not too firmly.

6. Glue "drips" on using white tacky glue. Add flowers to edge of candle to cover up ends of glue drips. 

                    Cupcake/Candle Stand

                          * I used a glue stick during these steps, unless otherwise noted.

1. Glue white cardstock to both sides of the cupcake stand top. Glue white cardstock to one side of the cupcake stand bottom. 
2. Roll cupcake stand bottom into a cone, with the cardstock on the outside and glue. Let dry. Glue the white felt on.
3. Glue felt onto the cupcake stand top, one side only. This side will face up.
4. Hot glue cupcake top to bottom.
5. Using tacky glue, glue sides on. It may be necessary to over lap a few pieces to make them fit.

                                            To Assemble

1. Glue candle onto stand top using tacky glue.
2. Glue trim around top of stand. Add a bow.
3. To make a tutu: take four 6"x 12" lengths of tulle, stacked one on top of the other. Fold in half length wise. Stitch down the middle using the very loose stitch on the sewing machine. Trim the folded edge so that you have 8 loose edges on both sides. 
4. Now, fold in half one more time length wise. Stitch about 1/4" from the folded edge using a loose stitch (about 5 on your sewing machine). Gather. 
5. Trim tulle if necessary to fit around the candle. Glue in place using tacky glue.
6. Make a crepe paper fringe to go around the bottom of the stand. Use white tacky glue to glue fringe in place.

You are finished! Now your happy candle is ready to give as a present to yourself or someone special! Happy Birthday!

*If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I have read and reread these instructions but sometimes what seems clear as a bell to me might actually be muddy water! So, please let me know if something is not clear. 

Thanks! and have a wonderful time making some cutie pie candles!!

Coming up next: my box full of wonderful vintage swap goodies!


  1. So very cute Holly, you did a wonderful job. Your imagination is amazing.


  2. They are so very very cute! Would make you happy to have a birthday party!

  3. How fun and happy they are.
    Chris =]

  4. Holly, these are so cute! I love anthropomorphic things.

  5. Darling Candles... amazing how perfect they are!

  6. those are just the cutest things

  7. Everything you make is magical! I just love these candles - and the little gnome scenes are adorable, too!

  8. So so adorable! Look like some of the illustrations from childhood books! Love to you!

  9. Oh my!! Holly your candles are soooo cute!! I just love them!! Who wouldn't want one of those sweeties on their birthday!! :) You did an amazing job!! xox Holly


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