Thursday, May 2, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

This week has been teacher appreciation week at D#2's school. We love her school and absolutely love her teacher! Here's what we gave her sweet teacher (in case any of you wonderful people out there need suggestions & because I know that I am always on the lookout for adorable/clever things to give as gifts and I also love suggestions):

Day #1: (pamper your teacher gift) card and car wash gift card
Day#2: (flowers) Roses cut from the garden
Day#3: (handmade card) handmade card from D#2
Day#4: (school supplies) pencil vase with hershey kisses
Day#5: (something sweet) this will be tomorrow-Friday

This is the cute craft that we made for day#4. It is a pencil vase. I saw an adorable pencil vase years ago in a magazine and couldn't really remember exactly what it looked like. Thank goodness for Pinterest. Up in the top left corner is a little box that I don't use as often as I should. It's the search box. I typed in "teacher gift pencil vase" and voila! Several pictures popped up! Yeaaaa!  Tag found there too!

Supplies: 16 oz can, 3 pks of pencils (around 60-you won't need that many but it's best to be safe than sorry), ribbon (large and medium), glue gun, glue sticks, gold paper, rubber band and hershey kisses.
1. Glue paper onto can, using glue at beginning of paper and end of paper. Not necessary to go crazy with the glue. 
2. I drew a line around the center of the can so I would know where to dot the glue for the pencils. I only wanted a dot of glue because if the teacher wants to remove and use the pencils, I didn't want her fighting with the pencils to get them off. So, one dot of glue then stick the pencil on, making sure to point pencil label out. Do this all the way around the can. 
3. Put the rubber band around the pencils. This way if any pencils come loose, they won't to fall off. 
4. Now tie the ribbons around the pencil vase.
5. Make a label and tie on with jute.
6. Fill vase with hershey kisses.

The label is a free print out from the pencil vase site. For some reason when I went back to pinterest to source this label and idea, I couldn't find it. I will keep digging and try my best to source this sweet little craft! Her label rocks!!

I added school theme stickers to the bottom of the kisses. I found these online (pinterest) and printed them on sticker paper and then punched them out. 
Hope you enjoyed this cute "write" stuff gift.

Have a wonderful and blessed day,