Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Fun Swap

I had so much fun participating in the Vintage Craft Swap that Elizabeth of Creative Breathing coordinated. She paired me with the wonderful Tammy of Tammy's in Love! Here's what I received in all of it's vintagey goodness!
What a sweet memory box! It even has my name on it in the upper left hand corner!!
Wonderful vintage sheet music to make some altered artsy stuff!

Look at all the beautiful vintage paper! Flash cards, sewing cards, christmas seals, little book, raffle tickets, bingo cards and a lot more! Zoom in for a closer look. 

Dictionary pages, cartoon pages, ric rac, button cards, flags, measure tape (I will keep that in my sewing kit), cupcake toppers, misc paper cut outs, ribbon, time cards & vintage 1912 canceled check!!

Look at that sweet little bag. It holds the vintage cupcake toppers.

I am so grateful for Tammy. She has gifted me so many wonderful vintage papers. I hardly had any. I didn't like to use them in projects because I was hoarding saving them for a really special occasion. Now, I can craft to my heart's content! Making many wonderful vintagey paper crafts!

What an adorable banner flag. I love it! I am going to put all of this wonderful vintage paper to use making a large banner with a lot of flags. Thank you so much, Tammy! I had a blast! 

Have a wonderful crafty night, 

Barn Quilt Along update: I have completed two of my barn squares. Yeeehawww!!!


  1. Look at all that paper fun! This was a great swap and Tammy is a great partner to have!

  2. I should have told you...I use the measuring tape with clothes pins to hang paper crafts up! Glad you like the ephemera, I used to do the same thing, 'hoard' it for something special and now I frequently use it.

  3. What a generous swap partner. Love your creations and always look forward to seeing what you've been up to. Angels to you!

  4. Hey there sister, that looks like a cool box of stuff to rummage through over and over and touch all the cool vintage papery edges! I do recognize that skunk embroidery!! Love you and so glad your corner of the crafty world is always active!

  5. What lovely thing you got from Miss Tammy!! This swap was so much fun! I can't wait to see you make something out of some of those sweet trinkets! :) Have a lovely day Holly, looking forward to seeing your quilt pieces! :) xo Holly


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