Saturday, May 25, 2013

Two Barns and A Cup Of Tea!

Hello, sweet people! Two more Quilty Barn Along blocks completed!! I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful comments on my previous post and on all of my other posts. I truly love and cherish each one! I use to reply to each comment that I received but a while back I realized that less you go back to your comment that you left me you will never know that I replied back :( I wish blogger would automatically send my reply to you. I will try my best to email a reply to you but my computer is so sssslllloooowwww that it takes me forever to switch back and forth from internet (web) to my email account. My computer is very old, at least 150 years old by computer years, but I digress. Here's the fun barn blocks! Lori now has a barn with a silo! Guess I am going to start on another quilt soon so that I can have a silo too :)
Farm fresh eggs and my grandmother's wooden spoon. Look! This material has "barn" cats on it.

My grandmother's mixer (which I sometimes use even though cord needs repairing), a sweet potholder my sister made me and a vintage cookbook that she also gave me. The darling apron is one that I picked up at the antique store for around $2. 

D#2 finished school this past week and I wanted to share what she and I gave the "specials". These are teachers that teach computer, library, music, p.e., etc. We gave the two men mugs with coffee and a muffin. 
I embroidered tea towels with the teacher's last name initial. Along with the coffee cake muffin, we included two types of tea, tea cup and saucer and a tiny bottle of local honey. I only had 6 tiny honeys so I metal stamped two silver plated tea spoons with the word "TEA".

I used the towels as the wrapping paper and tied them with tulle. My two most favorite towels:
 the  top row middle one and

the bottom row to the far right. This one also had teal ric rac on it. Cute! These were Martha Stewart towels. 
Here's the tag that we used. It is an old library card. Remember those days when you use to have to sign your name to the card and they would either write or stamp the date due? I used my vintage typewriter to type the greetings on the card. Fun stuff! 

Hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend,

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Love, The Ester Bunny

I cannot believe that the weekend is almost at a close. My family and I have packed a lot into this past weekend and worked until we couldn't move another muscle. Saturday morning started by yard sale hunting. For some reason here in our little neck of the woods you have to hunt the yard sales. Very rarely are the yard sales in the newspaper. I was on the hunt for teacups. No luck. Headed back home with a few books and a vintage globe. We went to the rock "store" and picked out some natural rock to go around the pond. Trucked on over to Lowe's to pick out some flowers for the yard. After lunch we worked in the yard, building the pond and planting flowers. Dear hubby had to go back to Lowe's for pond pump (the old one stopped working) and pond hose. Got the pond "working". Finished the yard, washed up and then the neighbor children came over (so their parents could celebrate a birthday) for dinner and a movie. What fun! Today we had Son's graduation recognition service at church and boy am I tired this afternoon. We tried to finish up some loose ends in the garden but lightening cut that short! Close flash of lightening and a big clap of thunder and poor D#2 running into the house screaming like a banshee convinced hubby and I it was time to call it a day. D#2 has finally calmed down, it did take a while though.

Photos below for Grandparents and aunts and uncles (I am sure everyone else will find it a tad boring).
He is the tallest.

It took an Act of Congress (or as he use to say when he was little "That took a tot of Congress") to convince him that the recognition service would be fun.

He complained a lot about the collared shirt. Usually he wears a nice "T" or polo shirt to church. I don't like the "T" but it's what most of the teenage boys wear (big sigh.....). 

Shaking hands with the pastor. The minister of youth is in the pulpit calling out the names.

School ends for D#2 this week and I finally finished the teacher's gift and let the children give it to her on Thursday. It is another Dr. Seuss quilt and this year I had the children make cards for her. I put their cards and a photo of them in a scrapbook. I didn't take a picture of the scrapbook because I didn't dress up the pages. I wanted their artwork to shine so I thought simplicity was the best way to go. I also had the children write a 3 sentence letter to the Head of the School (principal) and draw him a picture. I really stressed to the children to: "Make sure to sign your name to the letter and to both pictures. I don't want to get home and find out y'all left your names off and now I have to play the guessing game. Please, please, please don't forget. In fact, write your names on the two papers right now. Because if you don't, I am not going to know whose paper is whose, so I am going to write on there "Love, the Easter Bunny"." A lot of giggling. Great, they thought it was funny so I know they are going to write their names on the papers. Yea!!! I have worked with kids for far too many years to trust they will write their names on stuff without any prompting. I get home and am making the scrapbooks when, what is this?!?! Written on a letter and on a picture is "Love, the Ester Bunny". Oh man, remember, this is first grade after all. After I stopped laughing and promising myself to never again use the Easter Bunny as an example, I set to work figuring out who really was Ester Bunny. Maybe Ester is the Easter Bunny's sister? I <3 children! Now you know the meaning behind the title (>'. '<)
Another Dr. Seuss wonky quilt. This is my own design and the 6th one that I have made! I am now a pro at making these. They do take a little thought to make them wonky. I also do the machine quilting. Since there are only 11 children, the 12th square was a cute Dr. Seuss print. I also bought a book, a collection of many of Seuss' stories, for the children to sign, kind of like a year book that she can keep in her classroom library. 

The back of the quilt. I used some of the left over solids and a fun print for the back piece. I love incorporating my left overs from the quilt into the back piece. This way I am not left with odd shaped pieces taking up valuable space.

Label-all the children signed it. How cute their signatures are!

Our teacher loved this gift. I know it will bring her joy for many years to come. She even talked about using a Dr. Seuss theme for her classroom next year. That would be cute! The principal said that in all of his 30 years teaching and being a principal that he had never received such a gift! I think that he was really surprised. The children worked so hard on the letters and pictures and were so patient with me as I made their hand prints.

I love it when a quilt is completed. There is nothing like putting that final stitch in and knowing that you are finished. But what to do now? It's like when you finish a good book, you are excited to finally know what happens but you also will miss the book. I am glad it is finished but I will miss working on it. Now? On to the barn quilt!!

Have a wonderful night and keep those crafty fingers busy,

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cutest Blocks Around

Oh my! Are these not the cutest blocks around? I am going to love this quilt! I can't believe how easy the block are and how quickly they sew up.
This is the second block that I constructed. 

The little squares are only 1". Can you see the crows on the roof? Lol-that was some black crow Halloween material that I was hoarding saving for just the right project. And what goes better on a farm than pesky crows trying to eat the corn?!

Look at the fabric on the cupolas. That fussy cutting was pure luck some expert quilting. I really didn't notice it until I was looking at my pictures to post.  

I still can't believe that Lori is offering this pattern for free on her blog. It is so adorable. I wish that I had some horse or cow fabric to use as the barn door. That would be cute. But I keep reminding myself I am just using what I have on hand, that in it's self is a challenge. This quilt makes me want to go out and buy more fabric :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful and blessed day,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Fun Swap

I had so much fun participating in the Vintage Craft Swap that Elizabeth of Creative Breathing coordinated. She paired me with the wonderful Tammy of Tammy's in Love! Here's what I received in all of it's vintagey goodness!
What a sweet memory box! It even has my name on it in the upper left hand corner!!
Wonderful vintage sheet music to make some altered artsy stuff!

Look at all the beautiful vintage paper! Flash cards, sewing cards, christmas seals, little book, raffle tickets, bingo cards and a lot more! Zoom in for a closer look. 

Dictionary pages, cartoon pages, ric rac, button cards, flags, measure tape (I will keep that in my sewing kit), cupcake toppers, misc paper cut outs, ribbon, time cards & vintage 1912 canceled check!!

Look at that sweet little bag. It holds the vintage cupcake toppers.

I am so grateful for Tammy. She has gifted me so many wonderful vintage papers. I hardly had any. I didn't like to use them in projects because I was hoarding saving them for a really special occasion. Now, I can craft to my heart's content! Making many wonderful vintagey paper crafts!

What an adorable banner flag. I love it! I am going to put all of this wonderful vintage paper to use making a large banner with a lot of flags. Thank you so much, Tammy! I had a blast! 

Have a wonderful crafty night, 

Barn Quilt Along update: I have completed two of my barn squares. Yeeehawww!!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Barn Raisin'!

I love farms! Especially the barns and tractors. And the chickens and cows. Horses! Don't forget the tiny baby goats. Oh yea, the garden, both flower and vegetable. I also love sheep! Soft, wooly baby sheep. And the barn cats! I guess it's a good thing that my family and I live in a neighborhood, but it is out in the middle of the country! Our little lot grows a vegetable garden and I do have flowers and a barn cat. But we can not have livestock on our tiny almost 1/4 acre. I do enjoy the farmer-next-door's rooster crowing early in the morning while I walk. Sometimes I can even hear his cow mooing :) One day I hope to have a tiny hobby farm. But right now, I will have to continue pinning pictures for My Future Farm (you are welcome to head on over to my pinterest and check out My Future Farm). For now I will settle for making my home look like a farmstead. Right now I am working on Lori Holt's The Quilty Barn Along. I have jumped aboard! I did resist for a while, but it is so stinkin' cute!! And I love barns!! Anyone can join in, you just follow along on her blog, Bee In My Bonnet. Simple, easy! Just what I like. Every two weeks she comes out with a new barn block. Right now she has just posted #6 and there will be twelve in all. They are sew easy to make. I just started this past Thursday and already have picked out my fabrics from my stash (that took me forever!) and started cutting. I suggest that you work from your stash, even if it is limited. We need to cut into those fabrics so we don't look like an episode of hoarders :)  I have shared my stash photo with you before and it does look like it is a very small stash but what I didn't show you was my stash that is in the closet. Yes, I admit it, I am a hoarder  stasher. I love to built up my stock pile, because you just never know when you might be snowed in for months with no electricity (yes, I do have a treadle just in case) or have some sort of zombie apocalypse and then run out of fabric. That would make idle hands which is not good. So, stashes are our friend, but actually using the material is the key to that friendship.  So, pull out some stash, cuddle it and then cut into it. It may hurt at first, but comfort yourself with the thought that there is always going to be cuter fabric out there that you just have to have. Anyway, the blocks are a lot of fun and sew up quickly. I first cut out all of my pieces for the six blocks. I need to catch up, she will be posting block #7 in, I believe, a week. Now I can start my sewing.

Red strips for the barn and brown and black for the roofs.

These blocks are from the Farmer's Wife quilt. They are added to the side of the barn. I love the Farmer's Wife quilt! I have that quilt on my bucket list now. Go and check out Lori's. It is sew adorable, if you don't sew, this quilt will make you want to learn. I think that you are never too old to learn to sew. It is a wonderful life skill and your local quilt store would be happy to have you sign up for their beginner class.  

My Future Farm on pinterest. Lori Holt also has some wonderful pinterest boards. She has her quilts on there too. Her fabric line Bake Sale is already in stores and on Etsy. It's adorable!

I have been busy working on teacher gifts and getting ready for the end of another school year. D#1 is home from college and D#2 only has this week and part of next week, & son graduates in June and then summer starts! So my posts may become a little bit more sporadic. 

I will be posting my progress on the Barn quilt and tomorrow I will show what the wonderful Tammy sent me for our vintage box swap! 

 If you have joined Lori's quilt along let me know. I would love to see your blocks. Have a wonderful quilty night,

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Happiest Candle On The Cake!

Don't you just love birthdays? I do! They are so much fun! I don't really care to be the center of attention now, but I enjoy helping others celebrate their special day. I had so much fun bringing to life the simple birthday candle. They have so much character! You can almost hear them singing "Happy Birthday!". 

Singing "Happy Birthday" on their little cupcake stand.

The candle drips are actually hot glue drips. Use an acrylic ruler to drop the "blobs" on. The blobs do not stick to the ruler once cooled. You could also use parchment paper. To make the blob, squeeze the gun trigger and once the blob starts, touch it to the non stick surface and slightly drag to create the long part of the drip. It will take 4 coats of paint and one coat of mod podge to coat the drips.

Happy little candle wearing a tutu! This sweetie pie is not for sale, but the other two are!

This sweet little cutie is $35 ($30 + $5 shipping). 

This sweet happy candle is $35 ($30 + $5 shipping) with ric rac trim. 

I do have 2 kits available for $20 each. Everything is included in the kit to make your very own candle, even the little flowers. The only thing that is not included are the glue drips. I am even including the cereal cardboard. Please let me know if you would like the pink candle kit or the yellow candle kit.  **Please note that I do not have any more of the rose ribbon. I will be substituting the rose ribbon with a large ric rac as seen on the pink candle in the picture above. I am hoping that I can locate some more of that gorgeous rose ribbon soon. I will keep you posted.

Supplies: wool felt (Joggles (online) carries wonderful wool felt), black pearl eyes, stuffing, pipe cleaner (I used a vintage one), glue (both hot and tacky white glue), glue drips (as explained above-you will need about 9 drips, paint them before applying to candle body), old cereal box, ribbon, tulle, & crepe paper.
*Stitch used is buttonhole stitch, unless otherwise noted.
(please do not "pin" pattern on pinterest, thanks)
(please do not "pin" pattern on pinterest, thanks)

1. Overlapping "A" on top of "B", sew in place. Matching the "C"s together, sew top onto candle body.
2. Stitch eyelashes and mouth. Glue cheeks, nose and eyes on. You could do this first, but I find it is easier to correctly place the face on once the candle is assembled.

3. Make the flame, lightly stuff it. Attach the flame to a 3" piece of pipe cleaner by inserting it between the stitches, add a drop of glue to the tip of the pipe cleaner first. 

4. Poke a hole in the top of the candle, just big enough for the pipe cleaner. Once the pipe cleaner is inserted bend the excess pipe cleaner at a 90 degree angle. Glue in place. I just let hot glue puddle a little on top of the bent pipe cleaner. Let it cool about 10 min. You may have to rebend the pipe cleaner to make the flame stand upright. 

5. Stuff, but not too firmly.

6. Glue "drips" on using white tacky glue. Add flowers to edge of candle to cover up ends of glue drips. 

                    Cupcake/Candle Stand

                          * I used a glue stick during these steps, unless otherwise noted.

1. Glue white cardstock to both sides of the cupcake stand top. Glue white cardstock to one side of the cupcake stand bottom. 
2. Roll cupcake stand bottom into a cone, with the cardstock on the outside and glue. Let dry. Glue the white felt on.
3. Glue felt onto the cupcake stand top, one side only. This side will face up.
4. Hot glue cupcake top to bottom.
5. Using tacky glue, glue sides on. It may be necessary to over lap a few pieces to make them fit.

                                            To Assemble

1. Glue candle onto stand top using tacky glue.
2. Glue trim around top of stand. Add a bow.
3. To make a tutu: take four 6"x 12" lengths of tulle, stacked one on top of the other. Fold in half length wise. Stitch down the middle using the very loose stitch on the sewing machine. Trim the folded edge so that you have 8 loose edges on both sides. 
4. Now, fold in half one more time length wise. Stitch about 1/4" from the folded edge using a loose stitch (about 5 on your sewing machine). Gather. 
5. Trim tulle if necessary to fit around the candle. Glue in place using tacky glue.
6. Make a crepe paper fringe to go around the bottom of the stand. Use white tacky glue to glue fringe in place.

You are finished! Now your happy candle is ready to give as a present to yourself or someone special! Happy Birthday!

*If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I have read and reread these instructions but sometimes what seems clear as a bell to me might actually be muddy water! So, please let me know if something is not clear. 

Thanks! and have a wonderful time making some cutie pie candles!!

Coming up next: my box full of wonderful vintage swap goodies!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

This week has been teacher appreciation week at D#2's school. We love her school and absolutely love her teacher! Here's what we gave her sweet teacher (in case any of you wonderful people out there need suggestions & because I know that I am always on the lookout for adorable/clever things to give as gifts and I also love suggestions):

Day #1: (pamper your teacher gift) card and car wash gift card
Day#2: (flowers) Roses cut from the garden
Day#3: (handmade card) handmade card from D#2
Day#4: (school supplies) pencil vase with hershey kisses
Day#5: (something sweet) this will be tomorrow-Friday

This is the cute craft that we made for day#4. It is a pencil vase. I saw an adorable pencil vase years ago in a magazine and couldn't really remember exactly what it looked like. Thank goodness for Pinterest. Up in the top left corner is a little box that I don't use as often as I should. It's the search box. I typed in "teacher gift pencil vase" and voila! Several pictures popped up! Yeaaaa!  Tag found there too!

Supplies: 16 oz can, 3 pks of pencils (around 60-you won't need that many but it's best to be safe than sorry), ribbon (large and medium), glue gun, glue sticks, gold paper, rubber band and hershey kisses.
1. Glue paper onto can, using glue at beginning of paper and end of paper. Not necessary to go crazy with the glue. 
2. I drew a line around the center of the can so I would know where to dot the glue for the pencils. I only wanted a dot of glue because if the teacher wants to remove and use the pencils, I didn't want her fighting with the pencils to get them off. So, one dot of glue then stick the pencil on, making sure to point pencil label out. Do this all the way around the can. 
3. Put the rubber band around the pencils. This way if any pencils come loose, they won't to fall off. 
4. Now tie the ribbons around the pencil vase.
5. Make a label and tie on with jute.
6. Fill vase with hershey kisses.

The label is a free print out from the pencil vase site. For some reason when I went back to pinterest to source this label and idea, I couldn't find it. I will keep digging and try my best to source this sweet little craft! Her label rocks!!

I added school theme stickers to the bottom of the kisses. I found these online (pinterest) and printed them on sticker paper and then punched them out. 
Hope you enjoyed this cute "write" stuff gift.

Have a wonderful and blessed day,