Thursday, March 21, 2013

Shaking In To Spring!

I am so glad that Spring has finally least it has on the calendar. It is still very cool here and they are talking about a freeze warning tonight. Well, nothing like little lambs and fuzzy chicks to make it feel like Spring. These shakers are a little different than my normal ones.  

1. Cut 8 sections out of pink wool felt. These sections are for the head. 
2. Sew one section to another, and so on until 4 sections have been sewn together. I used the buttonhole stitch.
3. Transfer the face onto the 4 sewn sections. Stitch mouth, glue nose and glue the eyes on. The teeth can be added now or you can wait until the head is finished to glue them on.
4. Now sew the other 4 sections together.
5. Take the two halves and sew them together. You can add a shaker box before sewing the head closed, but I didn't bother, so really my shakers are not shakers :) . Stuff the head.
There will be a small hole at the top of the head that you can either sew shut or put a party hat on him. I cut a small circle and stitched it over the hole. 
6. Cut the ears out of wool felt. Cut two out of the same color felt as the head and cut two out of white felt.
7. Stitch the ears, I added pipe cleaners to mine so I can pose them.
8. Cut two tiny slits where the ears will go. My slits were a little smaller than 1/2". Stitch or glue the ears in place.
9. Make a collar.
10. There will be a small hole at the bottom of the head. Insert the prepainted wooden dowel into this hole. You can add some glue to the tip of the wooden dowel before inserting it.
11. Now add the collar and whiskers for the bunny. I used crochet thread for the whiskers.

The chick is made the same way with exception of the face and ears.
I used a pom pom for her collar.
I wanted to make a lavender chick but didn't have any lavender in my wool stash :( 

(same picture, different background. And look! The little chick with party hat popped in to say "Hi!")

Birthday party chick in a cloche. She is celebrating with a tiny felt cake. I wanted to make one of these for Christmas, so I bought a bunch of these cups. Well....the Christmas season was so busy that I never got around to making any. But now, I am not only addicted to party hats but also plastic cloches! You will probably get tired of seeing these little dioramas (because by now you must know that I love wee, tiny, little things), but I promise they will all be different *<:)  I might just make it a "Where's Waldo" type of fun- "Where's Cloche"! 

Funny bunny with party hat!  

I think bunnies with bent ears are so cute!

Just thought you might enjoy looking at some pincushions that I just completed.
Domestic Divas!
Vintage Diner theme.

Cherry Pie

Shasta Camper 


Bluebird of Happiness

Just if you are interested, there are more photos of the pincushions in my Etsy store.

Have a wonderful night and keep those crafty fingers busy,


  1. Aww..... those bunnys are adorable and the little bluebird :) Everything you make is too cute!

  2. You've out done yourself, Ms Shasta Camper is just too cutelove the detail. The pink bunny reminds me of one I had long ago Easter Blessings, Elaine

  3. Sure, right when I am in the middle of making your other bunny shaker. Now I have to make these two. They will be ready in time for next Easter though! The pincushions re beyond cute especially the bluebird. Thanks for all the sweet projects.


  4. Oh my! You've been a busy girl!! I adore them all! I love your new shakers....sooo cute! Love the sweet little clutch too! Aw those party hats are so cute!! Love how you decorated it! By the way, where do you find those plastic clutches? :) Your pin cushions are just gorgeous and so fun!! I love that camper one, too cute!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xo Holly

  5. Holy Smoke!!! I am loving everything!!! You are so creative!


  6. Oh Holly! Guess what I will be making this weekend instead of my State Fair bugs? YOUR ADORABLE SHAKERS!!! I am thrilled with your generosity in sharing your talent with us. Your pincushions are fabulous. I will put a l ink to your shop on my blog. They are just too fabulous for words! E

  7. My goodness, daughter. Wish I had one tenth the creative genius you do. You are amazing. So proud of you. Just finished looking at Liz's blog and her precious babies. You two are really something. Love mama

  8. Oh Holly, these are all so much fun!! What a creative genius you are!

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