Monday, March 11, 2013

Come And Join The Easter Parade!

Come and join the Easter parade!

I fell in love with this picture:

Shirley's (Zetta's Aprons) lamb inspired by Sandy's (Sandy's Show and Tell) lamb.

I first spotted it on pinterest. Then Elizabeth (Creative Breathing) blogged about it and then about her Easter parade:

Oh my stars! How could you not fall in love with a parade like that? Of course I had a few nursery planters hanging out in the craft room. Wouldn't they just look adorable all fancied up to join in Elizabeth's parade?
I looked closely and carefully at Shirley's and Elizabeth's lambs. I have crepe paper, paper Easter grass, doo dads to ride in the back, but what about the vintage millinery forget me nots? I don't have any of those. I looked on ebay and etsy. It's around $10+ to buy about 40 individual flowers.'s going to take a lot more than 40. Time to dust off the old thinking cap. How about cutting 100 individual flowers out of felt? Crazy!! What do I have that will cut multiple things out at once? A flower punch? No, not strong enough for the wool felt. about my Cuttlebug? A Cuttlebug machine is usually used to cut shapes out of paper but I have used it for felt before. I love cutting perfect circles out with it. Beautiful, perfect that ROCKS! It is hand powered, so it is not very expensive. There are some demonstrations on youtube if you are curious. You can get the die cuts (& machine) at Hobby Lobby and with the coupon they end up being less than $10 for around four dies - if they still let you use them on ProvoCraft products or actually if ProvoCraft lets you. Sorry, I can't remember the cost of the Cuttlebug, you might find a nice used one on ebay. Now the big I have a tiny flower shape die cut? Yes!! 

Cuttlebug, "plates" and die cut. I used plates "A", "B" and the other "B". 

I used the flower in the paisley. There is a hole in the center of the flower. The hole was too big for my stamen stems so I used a hole punch to cut some paper holes and glue them to the back of the flower with the felt "plug" still in place. 

Sandwich "A" plate, "B" plate, die cut sponge side up, felt (I did a few layers of felt to make more flowers quickly), other "B" plate.

Cuttlebug sandwich. Using the hand crank on the side run the sandwich through.

Felt flower.

Paper hole glued onto the back of the flower. I used a contrasting color for demonstration purposes.

Pierce a hole through the flower using a large needle.

I like to put a lot of flowers on the needle at once. This way I can shape them all at once instead of one at a time. The stamens are on the right. Cut them in half.

Insert the stamen into the flower. I like to bend the stem at a 90 degree angle right at the flower so that the flower doesn't fall off. I found the stamens at Hobby Lobby, I think on the cake decorating aisle, can't remember, but not in the floral section. I believe they were made by Wilton.

Don't they look vintage. I am so excited that this project worked. I was really sad that I couldn't find those sweet vintage flowers :( at a reasonable price, but necessity  is the mother of invention.

See her sweet little party hat? That is a copy of some vintage wrapping that I found at an antique store. I will scan some more for a future post. 

Vintage wrapping paper scan for your personal library. I think the girls are the sweetest. Wouldn't you have just loved to receive a present wrapped in this paper at a Birthday party when you were a child? Why don't they make paper like this anymore?

I hope that you join the Easter Parade! Have a wonderful night and a crafty day,


  1. What a clever way to create your flowers!! Your parade is just as cute as can be!


  2. Holly...Your little lamb can't get any cuter...You did a wonderful job! I've been so busy...I haven't had time to work on my lamb planter. Oh... that cutter looks like a handy dandy tool. I agree those millenary flowers are a little pricey. Your felt flowers turned out perfect!

  3. I love that wrapping paper it is so sweet ...I saved it for later use :)
    Thank you

  4. Very creative solution. And they look just a good as the vintage flowers!! The felt bird is sweet.
    Chris =]

  5. What a darling post. You have given a new meaning to Easter Parade! I love your felt flowers and am amazed at how you made them. You are one talented gal. I have a few nursery planters that are just begging for a new look. Thank you so much for your amazing inspiration!
    Carolynn xo

  6. I love your little flowers. I have a cookie cutter die set that has really small flowers. The cuttlebugs cost about 50 to 70 dollars but are great to have. Thanks for the info. I think your flowers are.better and the lamb is darling.

  7. Holly,
    I also fell in love with Shirley's little lamb....and hopefully soon I will have one of my own! She has really started something with these hasn't she???? And how many of these have we all walked past at thrift store for $1.00 or so and thought "I wish I knew what I could do with that"...:):) Thanks for the demo...:)

  8. Wow! The planter is so darn cute! But I'm even more amazed at how you got so creative and made your own flowers! You should be proud!
    Erica :)

  9. Holly, your lamb couldn't be any sweeter!! I love your parade float!! I seen Elizabeth's post of these as well, and I went to a thrift/antique store and found a few,well many, but only a couple came home with me, such cute planters! :) What a wonderful idea to use your machine to make those flowers!! I might have to invest in one of those!! Your flowers turned out so well and soooo cute! They do look vintage! Have a lovely day!! Hugs! xo Holly

  10. Hi Holly,
    Your planter turned out really really cute, and how clever to make your own flowers, I love the vintage look but rarely have time to hunt down the vintage items, I'm always trying to come up with diy alternatives, and this one is great THX for sharing :) XO Elaine

  11. Very very clever, I too was thinking the same those flowers are just so darn pricey too be able to line a whole bunch on a planter. You really figured out a way around it! Darling! Hugs, Diane

  12. How did this post get past me? What a brilliant idea to make your own flowers! You could even have different sizes and any color you desire! Thanks for featuring my Easter Parade float...the Parade is getting better and better with each entry...yours is truly adorable! I think I went overboard with exclamation points, but who could blame me?

  13. Sugar Pink Boutique reopens March 16...she carries the bouquets of millinery flowers for 3.49 each. I buy them from her.

  14. I just love the little flowers you made - because I don't have any of those pretty vintage ones - but your flowers look just wonderful. I just have to make a Lamby float this weekend - to join in all the fun! Yours is just sooooo darling!

  15. Hello! I just found you charming blog today and I love it! What an adorable idea! I have passed up cute lamb planters at the Goodwill before and now I wish I had bought them! If I see one again I will have to snatch it up for sure!
    Michelle xoxo


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