Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oh Blarney Stone!!

Today I tried to photograph this....

But kept getting distracted by this....

and this..... 

while trying to catch these....... 

Yes. We had our first really big snow this year today. Only 1/2" but I'll take that. As of 9pm it is still on the ground and is suppose to freeze on the roads tonight. Sunday School has been cancelled but the 11 o'clock service is still on. We are going to try our best to get there.

Look what Elizabeth sent me! Don't you just love them! The sweet little girl faces are beyond adorable. They just speak to my heart. And do you see the domestic Valentines? Oh my....I just love them! The vacuum is the cutest. If my vacuum looked liked that I would have the cleanest house in the world!!! And the lovey popcorn bags.....goodness me. They look just like my husband and me. We love to eat popcorn at night while watching t.v.

The bowling Valentine also reminds me of my husband and myself. During college I had to take an elective that was some sort of sport. I wanted to sign up for diving, but the class filled up too quickly. So bowling it was. My best friend, Luann, and I had a blast. During "class" at the bowling alley my future husband use to come and watch me bowl and then walk me to my car after class. Such fun memories!

And look what else Elizabeth sent me. Some beautiful grandmother's flower garden quilt squares. These are so pretty and each one has been pieced by hand. I am going to have to make something special. I am thinking about making a couple of pillows with the flower garden quilt squares in the center of each pillow.

Elizabeth's paper crafts are just wonderful. She always makes each one so special and the attention to detail is amazing. Go ahead....take a look and zoom in closer.

Does this not fit me to a "T"!? I love sewing and sewing on my Featherweight is sew much fun! This sweet little girl is sewing on her Featherweight and making Valentines! I love the crepe paper border and again that attention to detail is amazing.

Here's the back of the Valentines. Look at the sweet little tomato pincushion!

I love this nut cup. I wasn't sure exactly what a nut cup looked like in person. We always used cupcake liners as nut cups for parties. Elizabeth's is so cute. I love the vintage flowers and the adorable pipe cleaner bird. He is holding a sweet little Valentine in his beak.

I love Elizabeth's clay creations. This little bird is so adorable. I love his collar.

Sweetest face!

Here is a card that I made today for a baby shower that I Ever the procrastinator..... I used Elizabeth's layer technique and crepe paper fringe. The vintage card was scaled down 50%.

Back. This image was copied from the inside of the card and then cut out.

Here is little Patrick the Leprechaun. He is a sweet little guy that likes to curl up in his chair by the fire at night. Smoke curls around his head as he lights his pipe. His pot of gold always by his side and a small gold coin in his hand.

The smoke in his pipe is just stuffing. His gold coin and pot of gold are made from paper clay as is his pipe.

You do not have to add the smoke. Here he is without the smoke.

Patrick is made just like all of the other felties. The hat band and belt are just pieces of black grosgrain ribbon. His buckles are cardstock covered in glitter. His box is painted real simple. Green top and white bottom. I painted a four leaf clover in gold paint, then added a layer of glue and then glitter. The glitter that I used is a very fine powdery glitter. One little piece of advice while working with this fine matter how much you need to cough, even if it is the choking kind of cough....don't! 'nuf said.

I hope that you enjoy making this little lucky guy. I also found out that I don't have a lot of St. Patrick's Day decorations....go figure. I have always loved St. Patty's Day, especially the corn beef, potatoes, carrots and  gold glitter.
Have a gold glitter kind of night!
ps as for the title of this post.....well.....I just love the word "blarney" :)


  1. Your leprechaun is really cute, Holly! All of the details are awesome. Lots of goodies from E ~ she is so generous as well as so talented! Your baby card is darling - pretty cool for making it at the last minute!!!

  2. I love the little leprechaun!!! ...he looks like he's having a swell time :) You really have some cute patterns...Thank you for sharing them ....And I love she sure makes some pretty darn cute stuff! She is so generous...I also was lucky enough to get a sweet little bird and other sweet things from Elizabeth :)

  3. Holly! Another Cute as Can Be Holly creation! I love his little pipe! You are a genius at creating such detail on these small sized characters. I'm all thumbs when it comes to little.
    I have been gathering for a while the things to make a Valentine Pocket Frame (had to buy a new Scrabble game!)and saw that you would like to make one as well. I have the remaining half of my heart hankie so that you don't have to cut up your beautiful ones if you would like it. I'll post tomorrow or Mon.
    Love your header and background. Such inspiration to be found here! E PS Husband is posting dollhouse on Monday!

  4. Oh my goodness - so much sweetness in this post! How sweet of you to share this pattern. It is so cute. I wish I could sit with you and have a few lessons!

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