Sunday, February 24, 2013

I "heart" Wee, Tiny, Little, Small Things

I have loved miniatures for as long as I can remember. Little, tiny things make my heart sing. Smalls that will fit in a child's tiny hand. Wee things that are so small they take the Hubble telescope to just  stitch together. I know that my eyes are getting older. Not seeing things that I know are there. Blurring words on pages. But....I push forward. Loving my wee, little, tiny, small things. Eye doctor (who happens to be my neighbor) in my future, but for now a quick rub and a hard blink are all I need to make things right.
Today I have a wee little small tiny bunny for you to make. He is called a Pocket Bunny, because he can fit right into your pocket. 
I used him to fill my hearts that I made for Debby's (Cozy Blanket) Heart Swap.

You can enlarge his pattern if you want too, but he will not be wee anymore. 

It's funny....I used the same setting on my camera to take the two above photos and look how much lighter this photo is. I think it must be the back ground.

Love the wee, little basket.

Easter/Spring stuff is starting to show up.
Cut out two bodies & two ears. The pattern for the arms and legs is the same- so cut out four, two arms and two legs. A french knot for each eye and Y stitch for the nose. As you blanket stitch around the body add legs, arms and ears. Add blush to the cheeks and ears. You can add the heart if you want too. Just glue on. One thing that I forgot to add on my swap bunnies was a tiny pom pom tail.

FYI: In case you wondered how I got him to stand upright. I tried coercion via jelly beans no luck.....but sticking a pin in his neck did the trick.  
Did you wonder how I got little pink chickie to stand up? She is not an easy one either. Top shelf behind word "bunny". 

A pin to her.....ahem......bottom does the trick. Not pretty but it works.

See. This is her profile.
I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. It is finally sunny here and in the 60s again.


  1. You know I love that bunny. Now that pink chick is just adorable......would be a adorable for a swap, hint.

  2. They are cute!!!!...Thanks for the bunny pattern!

  3. OOOh soo cute! That bunny and little bird are the sweetest! Stop by my blog, I'm having a giveaway :) :) xo Holly

  4. I'm with you, Holly! I love wee things , too! It's funny, for me, my best vision is close up with NO glasses on. But distance, forget it, I'm blind! Hee! I love your wee bunny-my Verity just ran away with him, he's just her size!!!!

  5. Holly, I was just going to say I hope Sandie sees this little bunny, and there she is ahead of me! Your package arrived today, and boy am I ever thrilled to add these to my Holly collection. I am going to post about them when t get your shamrock made. Too funny I had hoped to make these two Irish characters, and there they came in the mail. Lucky me! I can't express my thanks enough. Elizabeth

  6. I was one of the lucky ones who received one of your hears in Debby's swap! I hung your heart, with the pocket and the wee bunny on my front door as decoration for my Valentine Tea! As you can imagine I received many compliments on it! I have a picture of it on my blog. I am afraid to try little things....but maybe I should be branching out!


  7. I'm over from Creative Breathing. You two are a match made in heaven. Your little bunny is adorable. I can't wait to scroll back and see what else you have been up to. Nice to meet you! Leslie

  8. Hi Holly,
    I was just over visiting at Creative Breathing and Elizabeth knew that we all would want to meet you. First I clicked on your Pinterest link and ..oh, boy! do we ever love the same things. I'm now following you here and there.
    Your bitty creations are just adorable. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns. I look forward to paging back through your blog to see all the cuteness.


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