Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Palmer Bunny Shaker

(instructions for shaker below)

Look at the adorable Leprechaun and his little buddy. Are they not the cutest things that you ever did see?!? Elizabeth sent them to me. They are perfect in every way. I love the leprechaun's little clover on his lapel. That is the sweetest touch. 

Oh no! Yep....I spelled "Blarney" wrong. The cat knocked over most of the letters, after I got through scolding him, I put them back on the table, but for some reason forgot to look and see if I spelled "Blarney" correct.  

Made a pipe out of pipe cleaners for the lucky little Leprechaun. 

Cardboard inserts cut about 1/4" smaller than felt. Glue the cardboard to the felt with white tacky glue. Let dry. Stitch face and side strip together using the "Elizabeth method" and stuff with fiberfill while stitching the back on.

Bend a full length pipe cleaner in half. I found that bending the pipe cleaner "legs" and hot gluing one leg to the top of the shaker box and the other leg to the side of the shaker box kept the ears from flopping over. So do this to both ears. 

To make this type of bow tie requires some basic sewing machine skills. I find it easier if I layer my front and back pieces together, right sides together. Trace the pattern onto the fabric, sew- leaving an opening for turning. I also realized that I needed some interfacing to make the bow tie stiffer. So, just add a piece of interfacing to your bow tie before turning. If you don't have interfacing, you could always glue card stock cut smaller than the bow tie to the back of the bow tie. If you prefer not to sew, a bow made out of Easter paper or ribbon is just as adorable!

Holding a carrot. I will do a future post on this carrot. Wouldn't a basket with a couple of these look adorable. 

No need for him to hold the carrot. He looks just as cute waving. I did omit the pattern for the mittens, I will try to remember to add it to carrot pattern.

Doesn't everybody have one of these collecting dust in their house? Give up on what it is? It's one of those fiber optic things that only lights up at the end of the fiber. It is kind of the rage at Christmas now. I have seen wreaths, floral arrangements, Christmas trees, outdoor decorations, etc  have fiber optics some where on them. Guess what else they are good for:

Whiskers! Two on each side. Work the fiber through the felt, sometimes a pre-drilled hole with a needle helps, just go at it at an angle because you don't want the whisker coming at you but you want it sideways.

I modeled him after the Palmer (maker of Easter chocolate) bunny. The Palmer Bunny has the really long ears and large bow tie. Don't forget his cottontail. Glue a pom pom or cotton ball to his backside. By adding a ruffle and hair bow you could easily make a girl bunny :)

Even though this little bunny is a get well card, I thought he was just too adorable not to share. I am using him with my Easter/Spring decorations. I hope that you enjoy him as much as I do.
Have a wonderful night,


  1. Holly he's too cute....have you ever thought about doing the Elizabeth know...making two and keeping one for yourself & selling the other one to those of us who seem to be felt challenged? remember my poor elfie girl's checks?...I'm just say in'....LOL...have a great evening!
    Hugs...patti m : )

  2. Holly,
    Thanks for the pattern and the bunny on the card is sweet :)
    Thank you,

  3. The pictures of your daughter are darling!! Thanks for the tutorial..I have a long list of things to try and this craft just made the list!


  4. I love your bunny shaker!! He is adorable! I would love to make one of your shakers, they are all so cute!! Thanks for sharing that pattern :) What a sweet little gift from Elizabeth too! And the bunny on the vintage card is darling! Hope you have a wonderful Friday!! xo Holly

  5. Hello Holly...How fun...My heart i smiling. You have so much personality and it comes through your fingers. A sparky imagination is the best thing to tuck in your pocket and carry it with you wherever you go. Have silly "Blarney" fun...Jody

  6. Oops! I meant to heart "is" smiling...I have to learn to proofread...

  7. Holly, how I loved the pics of my precious granddaughter. Eliz is right - she does the cutest poses. She makes me laugh. I only check blogs 2x week, so I have the fun of reading 2 or 3 and they are a pleasure. Such fun stuff.
    Gotta go and bake a birthday cake for a dear person. Love you and yours, mama


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