Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Raggedy Ann, I Love You!

As a child, I loved the Raggedy Ann stories. I have a book from my childhood displayed with some Raggedy Anns and even my very first Raggedy Ann doll is among them.

".....I am more worn, for each new rag doll has a candy heart and on it is written 'I LOVE YOU', just as is written on my own candy heart." said Raggedy Ann (The Raggedy Ann Stories).

As I was thinking over things to make to celebrate Valentine's Day, Raggedy Ann kept coming into my thoughts. That's too hard, I can't make a Raggedy Ann doll. But, the more I thought about it, the more it seemed possible. So...putting needle and thread to felt, I finally came up with her

i love you!

To make the apron: stitch panel 2 to panel 1. Add panel 3 to the bottom (this will make the apron look like it is on top of the dress without wasting all of that blue felt because it is unnecessary to make a full dress since the apron would cover it up anyway). Sew the pocket on and then add the piece of blue fabric hankie. You could use a blue piece of felt instead of fabric.

If you have made any of my other felt dolls then she will be a snap! If you have not, just go back to the trinket box tutorials to see how they are made. These dolls are really easy and no sewing machine required.

Her arms and legs are made like the Santa trinket box. Stitch her hair on after you have finished her face. Before you add the head to her body, glue the apron straps on her shoulders and then add the finished apron. A running stitch pulled tight will secure the apron on. Either glue head on or stitch it on.

The red stripe on her stockings are just pieces of red embroidery floss glued on. I felt that this would be the easiest way to get the red stripes. You could embroider the red stripes if you want too.


Raggedy Ann is ready to give Raggedy Andy her Valentine.

Here's my small collection of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. The three in the back I made. The doll on the left I am not sure where I got her and the one on the right is my old doll, I believe that I got her for Christmas when I was one. I love her, she is clean but stained.
The Raggedy Andy book is mine that was given to me by my grandmother in 1977.

Cutie pie Valentine child. Made from Elizabeth's example.

Another cutie pie Valentine child. They are just so adorable that I had to make some. I do have a few more in various stages of completion. Hopefully I can get them all finished and on my Valentine tree.

Have a wonderful day and keep those crafty fingers busy,
ps If you are unable to print any of my patterns, just let me know and I can email them to you :)


  1. She is really cute!!! What a darling little Raggedy Ann! I have always liked them myself. The theme of my son's room when he was a baby was R Ann and Andy. The wallpaper was blue and my MIL cut the figures out of wrapping paper and we glued them around the room for a border. The dolls I hung on the wall. It was so cute!! I like your little Valentine heads too!!!

  2. She is adorable!! My mom also has a collection of Raggedy Anns....I also love Elizabeths dolls..!! I'm going to try to make some myself...when I have the time..

  3. Holly, You just see how much fun you had making your little Raggedy Ann. Look at her striped socks!!!! Love her! Your school kids are so sweet. I just love making them.
    I want to thank for sending me a Hankie Doll! I so wanted to make one, but was intimidated by the sewing. Her shoes! Love them. And your heart couldn't be more lovely. I do love Dutch anything, my next ATW ornaments will be Dutch children. I also plan on felt characters that are Dutch as well this spring; so what wonderful inspiration you have given me.
    You are a treasure! Elizabeth

  4. Holly there seems to be no end to your genious!!! Your creations always bring a smile! You go girl! :)

  5. I had a Raggedy Ann and Andy doll when I was little, I loved her. (I actually dressed up like her for Halloween one year, when I was little.) OOOH my goodness your Raggedy Ann is sooooo cute! I love her! Such a wonderful job! How wonderful to have all those dolls and especially the one from when you were one! You are so inspiring dear friend!! :) Happy creating! xo Holly

  6. When we lived in Germany, it got dark really early in the winter. So it was the perfect time for crafting. I made my two little girls life-size Raggedy Ann dolls. They were so large my girls could wear their pinafores. I had so much fun working on them while they slept. Thank you for bringing back this fun memory.

  7. I am so amazed at the items you create! they are so adoreable. I love Raggedy Anns and Andys too! I have a few that I have purchased at antique stores! Have a wonderful week!
    Lynn from Life on the Wienee Ranch blog!

  8. Thank you so much for the pattern. I love your sweet Annie dolls. I have a few but have never tried to make one! Sweet hugs!

  9. Oh my goodness, what a sweet little Raggedy Ann pattern! I grew up with a Raggedy Andy, and literally loved him to pieces. I've written about him on my blog in the past.


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