Monday, January 7, 2013

Go Ahead, Bug Me!

Valentine's Day is so much fun! I still remember, like it was yesterday, coming home with my school list. Oh the excitement of picking out the" just right" card for your friends/classmates and teacher. I wish that I had some of those Valentines now. I love Valentines so much that I kept each one of my children's Valentines from their elementary years. They are tucked nice and neat into each of their own scrapbooks. Did you manage to keep any of your Valentines from childhood?
I have another Valentine Shaker for you today. It's a Love Bug shaker. He is so excited to mail his Sweetie Pie her Valentine.

I painted his antennae black.

His envelope:
Love Bug
123 Sweetheart Lane
Valentine, USA
Sweetie Pie
12 Red Roses Lane
Iloveyou, USA

The back of Love Bug. Yes, he is a Ladybug or maybe a Manbug? Do you remember the Lady/Manbug from Disney's A Bug's Life? It was hysterical. So, I guess Love Bug is like him.

Love Bug and his friend Bee Mine.
The Love Bug Shaker is made using the same pattern as Bee Mine. The only difference are the wings and antennae. Love Bug has hearts on the end instead of pom poms.
Have a wonderful night and don't "bee" afraid to try you hand at these shakers. They are really easy. And remember, you could always make them out of paper :)
 If you need more in depth instructions use the Elf shaker (Nov 14, 2012), Pumpkin Shaker (Sept. 21, 2012 **don't forget to use the cardboard inserts, I forgot to add them to the pumpkins) and Snowman Shaker (Oct. 27, 2012) tutorials. I am so sorry but my links are not working. I have been having a little trouble with blogger the past few days, hopefully it gets fixed soon.
I would be absolutely thrilled if you shared your photos with me. It is so cool knowing that I can share something that I dearly love to do with everyone.
Have a wonderfully crafty day tomorrow,


  1. Holly! He's wonderful! I just finished making your bee and just need to buy the tule for the winds. Tomorrow it's this cutie! I just love it! Thank you so much for the pattern! Elizabeth
    Oh, and your Valentine blog is so sweet! E

    1. I am so glad that you made them! I have such fun making all of your creations that I am glad to give back to you. I can't wait to make your Valentine creations. And I am so glad that you like the newly decorated blog, I followed your example! Have a wonderful night, Holly

  2. Oh he's sooo cute! I love his little letter too!! Love your Valentine blog, very sweet! xo Holly

    1. Hey Holly, Thank you so much! I had the most fun designing the love letter. I am so glad that you like the newly decorated blog. I am trying to follow Elizabeth's example-decorating for each holiday! Have a wonderful night, Holly
      ps i am off to visit you!

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  4. OMG, so sorry - my other comment was for the wrong Holly. Anyway, your shakers are just darling, and so is your Valentine page!! Will you do a tutorial on those swwet hankie girls????


    1. He Sandie, no problem about the comment-lol. I have made similar mistakes on other blogs :) I am so glad that you like the shakers. I hope you will try your crafty hand at one. The hankie girl tutorial is in the January 2, 2013 post. For some reason blogger is giving me fits the past week. Have a wonderful crafty night, Holly

  5. Hello Holly...What a charming site. You are having such silly colorful fun. The Valentines are making me crave some tasty chocolate. It has been a pleasure meeting you...Jody

    1. Hey Jody, I am so glad you stopped by for a visit. Chocolates would be wonderful right now, thank goodness Valentines Day is right around the corner :)
      Have a wonderful, silly and crafty night, Holly


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