Monday, January 28, 2013

Did You Not Know....?

Did you not know George Washington was the only president who did not live in Washington, D.C?
Did you not know George Washington was the only president who was unanimously elected?
Did you not know George Washington had all of his teeth pulled out when he was 57?
Did you not know that George Washington never shook hands with people?
Did you not know that George Washington never had any biological children?
Did you not know that there were only 13 stars on the American flag when George Washington became president in 1789?
Did you not know that five states were added to the Union while George Washington was president?
Did you not know those state were: North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, Kentucky and Tennessee? 
Did you not know that George Washington's shoe size was a 13?
Did you not know that George Washington was 6'2"?

I hope that you have enjoyed these "Did you not know..." trivia facts. Sweet little daughter #2 loves to treat us to facts she has learned from various places. She always starts her factoid sentence with "Did you not know.....?". 
"Did you not know that lizards' tails pop off and grow back?" "Did you not know that each snowflake is different?" "Did you not know that bats use echo location?" "Did you not know that dolphins breath air?" "Did you not know that the flu is worst now than a few months ago?" Ummmm..."Did you not know that God knows how many hairs are on our head?" Oooooo...."Did you not know that some birds can fly upside down?" Well......"Did you not know that cows have 4 stomachs?".....Ok.......we arrive at school. Time to get out and start the day and learn more "Did you not know...?" factoids. Only 6 1/2 more hours until I become smarter than I am right now :) Can't wait!!

George Washington

George Washington is made just like all of the other felties. 

His Tricorn Hat. Cut out the circle and sew "a" to "a", "b" to "b" and "c" to "c". Take tiny stitches, just enough to tack.

Make George's body first. Flesh arms and head, tan upper legs and pants bib. The pants bib is sew on last after everything else is sewn in place. The purpose of this bib is to make the pants look like they extend up to the waist line. You could also glue the bib in place if you wanted to. The body and hair are made out of white felt. Coat is blue with tan trim and gold embroidery floss tassels on the shoulders. The buttons are just pieces of aluminum foil cut out with a tiny hole punch and glued on. The ruffly shirt is just lace glued in place. Boots and hat are made out of black felt. Use these links here, here and here if you need help on how to make the felties. 

An unraveled piece of yarn or tiny piece of wool roving makes a perfect ponytail. 
His flag only has 13 stars and is hand painted on a scrap of fabric and glued onto a q-tip with all the tips cut off and painted brown. On the lid I painted the American flag. The bottom of the box I hand painted each president's name. I then painted brown (very very watered down) layer over the lid and bottom and them immediately wiped it off. This gives an antique look to your box. 

Happy (early) Presidents' Day!! I have one more Presidents' Day craft to share with you and then it is off to Easter! Can't wait!

Have a wonderful crafty night,


  1. Holly did you not know that you are the commander in chief of felt creatations? :) .....Patti m in Florida

  2. Did you not know you have the cutest child ever?

  3. Holly, Just look at that lace cravat! You have given your George so many wonderful details. Living just a stone's throw across the Potomac from Mount Vernon, my brother and I absolutely adore this President. My brother visited MV just last weekend. An absolutely Perfectly Perfect creation Holly! Elizabeth

  4. So cute! Your timing is perfect, too. I was just working on a project that involves hats (any hat I want) and along comes your super easy three corner hat.


  5. That's so cute! And George Washington is pretty cute himself there!! :) All of his little details are so perfect! Love the little block he's standing on, his coat and little pony tail in the back :) Wishing you a wonderful and creative day Holly!!
    xo Holly

  6. Hi Holly,
    Your felties are ardoreable!! I loved our visit to Mount Vernon! It is so beautiful there. Thank you and your sweet daughter for all the Did you not knows! Have a wonderful week!
    Lynn from Life on the Wienee Ranch blog


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