Friday, January 4, 2013

Bee Mine!

Will you bee my Valentine? This little bee wants to know. I have had sew much fun designing for Valentine's Day that I just can't stand it! At first I was a little weary about making any Valentine crafts because all I could come up with was Cupid stuff. I love Cupids but they dominated my brain. I dug into my secret stash of vintage school Valentines and ideas started forming. At lot of bees, kids holding hearts, love bugs, bears, puppies, gypsies, parrots and even an octopus (he stated "I'd like my arms around you, VALENTINE!").  Whew....more inspiration than I bargained for. For this particular Valentine craft I "stuck" with the bee theme.

Bee Mine Valentine Shaker

He is made the same way as all of my other shakers, found here and here. I did use safety eyes this time instead of felt eyes. If you don't have 10mm safety eyes, felt eyes will do just fine.

His Valentine is a felt heart with the words "bee mine" and hugs & kisses hand embroidered on. I sandwiched lace between two pieces of felt and hand stitched it into a little pillow. The little white speck under the "n" is some left over fake snow. That stuff gets everywhere!

His arms and hands are just two black pipe cleaners twisted together, bent in a "V" shape, hot glued right under his head and then the ends bent into little loops for the hands. Easy peasy!

The backside. His wings are just a length of tulle tied in a bow- right on the stick so it stays nice and secure. I painted the stick black and yellow. His antennas are just covered floral wire hot glued (inside) before I sewed the back of his head on. I also hot glued black pom poms onto his antennas. **Yes, I did use hot glue on this project. I like the way the glue dries so quickly on the awkward pieces, such as the antennae. Please use sparingly. The felt was tacked down before sewing with white tacky glue.

Another hankie doll. Pink pom poms for ponytails! She is clutching her Valentine close to her heart.

Hankie doll holding her "february 14th" banner.

She is so happy Valentine's Day is coming up.

Glittery shoes.

All three hankie dolls hanging out by the window :)

I added some lace to the bottom of her dress and made her legs a little longer than the other two.

I hope that you have enjoyed these Valentine's Day crafts. I still have a few more up my sleeve.
Have a wonderful night,


  1. Very cute Holly! Soon I'll be posting more Valentine graphics, so keep an eye out.


  2. lovin this valentines series and especially love how the angels look against the red curtains! love to you!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love your oh so sweet bee shaker and those cute dolls are just darling!! Happy Weekend! xo Holly

  4. Oh Holly! I was hoping with a capitol H that you would be creating something new for me to make. I get so tired of making my own patterns. Because of this, YOU have won the DOLLHOUSE!!!!!! I have your address already; so I will see if I can catch the seller to ship it directly to you. And don't be sad for me, a teeny little ranch in the same sale will fit on my craft desk! Happy Day, Bee Mine!!!! E


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