Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Glittery Paper Icicles

I can't believe how fast the days are flying by! Yesterday I helped out at D#2's school with their Wiseman's Shoppe. It was so much fun helping the children pick out gifts for their family members. Each year the school asks for donations of gently used items. These items are priced anywhere from .25 to $5, with most at $1.00. I was a personal shopper for a while then a present wrapper. Let's just say my wrapping skills are not the best. I am not sure why, maybe I just get impatient. I also struggle with floral arrangements. My middle sister is a whiz at florals, but me, not so much.
Have you seen the cute icicle garland floating around Pinterest? Some of it looks like cotton batting and some looks like paper. I think the batting with glitter sprinkled in would look amazing, but alas, I only have scraps of batting, nothing big enough to work. So, paper it is. I have made a pattern for you to print and cut out. My icicles tend to have a rounded end, much like the real icicles that have started melting. If you like more pointy ones, just snip the end into a point.

This is my Frosty shelf. As you can see the shelf is green, which works great in the spring and summer but not so well in the winter. I figured the icicle edging would cover most of it up. The icicles look  more adorable in person, especially with the sparkly glitter.
*Tip, if you need a longer garland, just place several sheets of paper together and tape at the "X". This will help to keep the paper from slipping while you cut several out at once. If you use more than two sheets your best bet is to staple them together. :)

These are all of the supplies that you will need + a paint brush.
1. Cut out icicles.
2. Kind of glob the mod podge on (this stuff dries quick on paper so a thin coat will be dry before you are able to add the glitter- but don't glob too much or the paper will curl).
3. Now add glitter-*Tip: mod podge about a 3-4" section, then apply glitter, shake off, the mod podge another 3-4" section, and so on until it is completed. I only glittered the icicle and not above the icicle-I figured that this might make the paper curl too much.
4. Let it dry. If the icicles start to curl wait until they are dried and then you can straighten them.
5. I used double sided sticky tape to attach it to the shelf. I believe it is called red line tape. This stuff is strong.

A little corner of the craft room. 
Close up of the garland. I need to tape the joint where the two pieces of paper meet so the crack doesn't show.
My inspiration board.
 I tried to find an old gate that didn't cost a fortune. I gave up after about 2 years and one day while pulling into my garage I spied my old crib springs. Ah, ha! 3 coats of white later, I now had a great place to display my inspirations. Side note: My mom gave me my baby crib years and years ago. It has traveled with us to Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and now North Carolina. I am so glad that I have hung on to it. Many time DearH wanted to get rid of it because it was in the way-I agree, at times it did get in the way. The rest of it is hanging on the garage wall waiting for inspiration to hit.
Funny little robot snowman in my favorite colors.
I hope that you have a wonderful crafty day and be sure to make an inspiration board. They are wonderful! Even an old cork board could do the trick. Elizabeth, over at Creative Breathing, even used an old trellis she salvaged. It looks amazing.


  1. All right Holly, now we r talking.....glitter & glue......THIS I can do! LOL! What a pretty little shelf....and pretty little things on it....I love the two winking cups they r adorable. I have a day off tomorrow &am going to try making one of your little elves...wish me luck :)

    1. LOL, Patti. I love paper crafts, too! Thank you for your sweet comments, they made my day. The winking cups are called Bailey cups, I believe. I think they are fun!I hope you had a wonderful day off and got lots of crafty things made. Have a wonderful night, Holly
      ps do you have a blog?

  2. Thank you for this! I really needed it!
    I don't have the energy to deal with batting this year...maybe next year. But paper and glue I think I can handle.
    Happy Holidays!
    Erica :)

    1. Hey Erica. I am so glad that you enjoyed this tutorial. I think the icicles are so fun. I am thinking about making some for my kitchen cabinets so that when you open the cabinet you can see the icicles ;) I am like you, the batting will have to wait until next year. Have a wonderful night, Holly

  3. That adds such a cute touch up on your shelf!! You have such pretty little things in your room! I've been wanting an old small baby spring like that to hang photos and inspiring things on! I haven't ran into any in a nice price range! lol.
    Happy Holidays!! xox Holly

    1. Thank you, Holly! I have been collecting for years. If you ever get a chance you will have to go back several (maybe more than several) posts and look at what craftroom use to look like. Now, it is organized and I finally found a place for everything :) I do love my old crib springs. Have you ever tried yard sales or maybe even Craigslist? Even the recent cribs (which some are labeled dangerous now b/c of the drop side-those should be a lot cheaper I have seen them for $15) would work great. It is probably cheaper to buy the whole crib rather than just the springs-lol. Have a wonderful night, Holly


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