Friday, November 2, 2012

Spooky Eyebrows.....

The weather ended up being beautiful! So, we carved the pumpkin outside. D#2 was so excited, she even drew a "scary" face with eyebrows. "I like spooky eyebrows on pumpkins!"
Dad scraping the "guts".

It was a little windy. Chasing newspaper across the deck. This was the extra newspaper for the guts.

She jumped right in, scooping the yucky stuff out by the handfuls.

Making a pumpkin pie!

Bullet was the only one who would try the "pumpkin pie". That dog ate alot of pumpkin. She is weird like that. We have to fence our little garden in or else she will eat all of the squash, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. But she also eats rocks.

Here comes a bat!

Don't you just love the stockings?!? I originally bought them with the intention of making some cute sock monkeys but little bat found them and wanted them. They were a one size fits all lady's. Very long! I just cut off the excess and sewed it closed with the sewing machine. Worked like a if I can just sneak those stockings away from the bat.....
Full moon trying to peek out from behind some clouds and trees.

The spooky pumpkin with eyebrows.
Have a great and wonderful day!

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