Sunday, November 11, 2012

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

Don't you just love Scottie Dogs? I sure do! They are so cute. In a little town where I grew up there was a house that loved Scottie dogs. The owners had Scottie statues, planters, silhouettes and even their house number plaque had a Scottie dog on it. The house is still there, but the Scottie dogs are gone. I am not sure where they went. The house still looks the same. Neat front yard, shutters still a burnt red, Adirondack chairs still crispy white and flowerbeds maintained. That house instilled a love of Scotties in me. How charming that a pet owner would love their pet so much that they built a house theme around them. I always wondered what it looked like inside the Scottie house.
 I grew up, married and moved away. Now, I only saw the house a few times a year. It was during this time that I remember Christmas at Scottie dog house. They decorated heavily on the outside. A few Scottie dogs tucked here and there, but mainly a traditional theme dominated. I will visit Scottie dog house again this year at Christmas and will look hard to see if any Scotties are peeking out among the bushes. So, in honor of the Scottie dog house at Christmas I have made a fun Scottie Dog Trinket Box.
You can't tell it from this picture, but Scotty has a snowflake perfectly balanced on his nose.

I do not like this photo (it's a little harsh) but included it to show you the snowflake. It show up so well against the red.

Pattern for Christmas Scotty Dog.
Felt, ribbon, painted box, punched snowflake
Stitch used: buttonhole unless otherwise noted
Sew the two belly pieces together (this is the piece in lower left corner) along straight edge.
Now sew one of the two body pieces to the belly piece starting at neck, then front leg, belly, back leg.
Add other body piece and start stitching back leg, belly, front leg.
Stitch neck, chin, nose, snout, neck.
Stuff legs and head.
Stitch another 1/2", stuff body and stitch closed.
Glue tail, ears, eyes and then snowflake on. I used a Martha Stewart snowflake punch for my snowflake.
Add bow.

I painted the top red and added vintage ric rac. Of course mod podge the lid with ric rac on. Add holly leaves and berries.
I painted the box cream. Added vertical tan stripes, with smaller brush added three horizontal black stripes close to the top of the box and then three to the lower part of the box. I then used the same brush that I used on the tan for the red. Mod podge the box. Dry. Glue Scottie onto box lid.
Elizabeth at Creative Breathing has a tutorial for a cute Scottie Dog as does Jenny from allsorts.

Have a great rest of the Sunday afternoon!


  1. That is so sweet! I think the snowflake is the perfect touch!

    1. Thank you! After I finished the Scottie dog, I thought that he needed something else and the snowflake just "fit". Have a great day! Holly

  2. Love the cute little Scotty dog! :) Hope you have a great night! xo Holly

  3. Of course his snowflake is perfectly balanced, and cute as can be!!! i think I will have to make him and then the elf and then ..... So enjoying each new character! Fabulous! Elizabeth

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I hope that you enjoy making each one. It is so much fun to see their personalities come out as you make them :) Have a wonderful night! Holly

  4. Cute creations! Wow! Thank you for sharing. You give a person so many cute patterns.
    I have 4 children and never seem to have enough time to clean. However, I always make time to create! lol
    Sampson and Lorrie a daughter & mother duo

    1. Hey! So glad you dropped by. Yes, cleaning is overrated :) Wow! 4 children! I bet you are so busy. If you are like me, crafting keeps you sane! Have a wonderful day! Holly


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