Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sew Much Fun Snowman!

Bat costume made: check
candy in treat bags for treaters: check
plastic trick or treat pumpkin found: check
leaves swept off porch: check
puppy's costume found: check
husband instructions given: check
pumpkin carved: not check
Well....the list is almost completed.
 Pumpkin butchering this afternoon:
time: 4ish
place: kitchen floor (too cold outside)
rsvp: regrets only- if you don't have the stomach for it

Today I have a sweet little tutorial for you. He may look a little complicated but if you can sew a buttonhole stitch, cut with scissors and thread a needle. He's easy peasy.

He is about 4 3/4" w/o his hat.

Print on 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of copy paper. 

white, red, black,, pink and green felt (wool felt is the best but regular felt will do too)
embroidery floss-white, black, pink
paper mache trinket box (from Hobby lobby- I used 3"tall x 3" wide round box)*top painted white and bottom painted red, inside and out. Coated with one layer of mod podge.
clear glitter
mod podge
glue (I use Aleene's tacky glue)
paper clay

Print pattern and cut out. Cut felt shapes out. Take care when cutting icicles (I must apologize for misspelling icicles on the pattern-I meant to look it up and double check, I promise, I really did-but the excitement of the cute font side tracked me and I forgot). Anyway, you can cut the icicles with points instead of rounded end. Cutting sharp points and using tiny scissors will make cutting easier.

1. For face: Sew two front pieces together, straight edge to straight edge. Now sew on cheeks, then glue eyes (black felt cut out with hole punch that makes tiny punches) and nose on. Draw mouth on with disappearing pen. Stitch mouth with one strand of black embroidery floss using stem stitch. 
2. For back of head: Sew two back pieces together, straight edge to straight edge. Sew front piece to back piece, stuffing as you go.
3. For body: Sew front pieces together (straight edge to straight edge) and then back pieces (straight edge to straight edge). Now, sew front and back together. Stuff and leave neck open-do not sew closed.
4. Sew arm pieces together. Stuff.
5. The legs are sewn with gusset pieces first. Pattern shows placement. If you have any questions about this step just leave a comment and I will explain in better detail. Stuff.
6. Sew arms and legs to body.
7. Sew head to body. Don't worry if stitches show, scarf will cover them up.
8. Make buttons from paper clay and paint to look like a peppermint. Add one layer of mod podge and glue on snowman.
9. Place snowman on top of trinket box top. Mark placement with pencil and using a tiny piece of tape about 1/4" x 1/4" place on top of pencil markings. Paint mod podge on the white top and then glitter. Shake off excess glitter and let dry. Gently use a pin to help pick tape off.
10. Glue icicles to box top edges. Now glue snowman on.
*scarf is just a piece of wool felt. Hat is one 3/4" circle, one 1 3/8" circle and 2 3/4" x 1" piece of rectangle wool felt, stuffed lightly. Two freehand holly leaves with snippets of red felt to represent holly berries are glued to hat.
Snowman Trinket Box is now finished! If you have any questions, just shoot me an email or leave a comment. Enjoy!

Here's the pattern for the snowman. 

ps. These would make cute teacher gifts with a gift card tucked inside :)
Have fun and stay crafty,


  1. I love your snowman trinket box!!!!! It's funny, I've just been drawing (well ... kinda sorta) snowmen to craft! But I think I will make one of these!!! Sooo cute!!!

    1. Hey Sandie,
      Thank you! He is a fun little craft. If you have any questions about making him don't hesitate to contact me. I hope my instructions are detailed enough and I didn't forget anything :) Have a wonderful night! Holly

  2. Awe, what a great tutorial! Right now I am trying to work on Putz houses. i never did any before, but it is fun! I been thinking that the trinket boxes are so cute. I love the little felt guys you are making!!!

    1. Hey Susie, I have always wanted to make some Putz houses! I just love them and the antique ones that I have found are either expensive or broken.I hope you blog about them, I would love to see them. I have had a lot of fun designing the felt guys and have a one or two more up my sleeve that I need to finish and post :) Have a wonderful night! Holly


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