Monday, August 6, 2012

Thread Keepers

The whole month of July went by and not a single post. I am so sorry. We have just been doing summer stuff. D#2 went to Cooking Camp and loved it. This week she is at Science Camp. Next Wednesday she starts to school. Son doesn't start until Aug 27th and College D doesn't have to be on campus until August 28th. It has been hot here and even though the yard and flowers are on a timed system, they still looking drained. We have harvested tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplants, 3 cucumbers (they did awful this year) and a few ears of corn. I couldn't believe the corn actually produced some ears. I was mainly trying to grow them for the stalks. I use them to decorate the outside of the house in the fall. Great plan, except the stalks only grew 3 feet.

I have been crafting some fun stuff. I have made a few new thing for the craft studio and I have made some thread keepers. A thread keeper is just something that you wind your 6 strand floss or bakers twine on. It doesn't work well for sewing thread. I had so much fun planning, designing & painting. It had been a while since I had painted and it was nice to pick up a brush.

Above: Of course she has a tail on the reverse. Where the thread is wound, swiss cheese is painted.

Above: Strawberry

Above: Caroling bunny with tiny crocheted hat.

Above: Cherry, so bright and red, with stem and leaf.

Above: Creepy Crawley

Above: Things that go bump in the night...

Above: Jack-O-Lantern to help chase away your fright....

Above: A happy caramel apple, laughs with all her might....

Above: A happy Halloween crew, oh my what a sight!!

I think that I had way too much fun with these little thread keepers. Each one is only 2 5/16" tall.
What have you been working on? Tomorrow I will let you in on a big secret. It involves organizing one very big and very messy room.
Have a wonderful day!!

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