Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Organize This Mass Chaos!

Sweet D#2 started Science Camp this week. Her teacher is a very sweet lady. Their are less than 6 students in her class, so this is a very "one on one" camp (which I love). D#2 is quite quick and a little smart for her young age of 6 (she knows alot more than I do about everything, just ask her). So, her sweet, lovely teacher, Ms. Amy, asked D#2 how did she get to be so smart? Is it because she has a wonderful, very smart engineer dad who can fix anything, built anything, and do anything? asks this smart, wise teacher. "No, because my dad uses very biiiiggg words that I can't understand at all! It's because of my mom, she uses simple words." Oh me, oh my, I have never been called a simpleton by a 6 year old before. Oh well.....at least everyone can understand me. Anyway.....on to the post of the day. 
I really can't believe that I am actually going to show you my mass chaos craft studio. Be warned, it's not a pretty sight. If you have a weak stomach, I strongly advise you to scroll through the pictures very quickly! I am not kidding at all!
I have been using this bonus room as a craft/sewing room for about 5 or 6 years now. It's a very plain, but a very useful room. My kids should be real grateful for it. If we didn't have this room, there would be some bunking going on, mainly College girl and Brainiac (D#2).
Wow....why is this such a mess? Look at the ironing board. I need a new cover in a bad way! It is nasty. Hello, my name is Holly and I love spray starch!

Double yuck! Look at that closet! Actually, it's not so bad, most of the stuff is already in the room. Can you see that small 8x8" area in front of my sewing machine. Yep, that's my crafting area, all 8x8 inches of it. Not sure why I always clutter the surrounding area and only leave a tiny spot for crafting.

This little corner is to the right of the closet (closet in picture#2). This is were I have my Cricut and Cuttlebug. The selves above this table are still a work in progress. On lower shelf, is a monkey and elephant. I made these using a pattern from Creative Breathing. I just love her blog! She is a great source of inspiration. Her craft room is so stinkin' cute! See the pink clock in the upper right hand corner. It use to be white, but a can of spray paint fixed that.

Above: This table is to the right of the above table. It is my paper crafting table. The small aqua cabinet, green shelf, white paint caddy and pink shelves w/ red ric-rac all use to be unfinished wood. Probably that way for the last 4 years. I just never got around to painting them. I love the ric-rac on the pink shelves (click on picture and zoom in if you can't see the ric-rac). The aqua lamp is Dear hubby's old drafting lamp. I love that color! We still have the drafting table, hmmm... maybe I should use it in the craft room.

Pink clock. The green shelf holds an old Little Red Hen book, a wonderful Nancy Drew book (I loved Nancy Drew. I read all of my aunt's vintage ND books when I visited my grandparents during the summer). The red truck was Son's when he was little. Date on truck says 1996-he would have been two. Two wonderful vintage potholders. My mom gave me the one on top and I bought the other one at a little antique store here in town.

Above: The Russian nesting dolls are authentic, brought over from Russia. The little aqua box is one Dear hubby made me several years ago just for these stamp pads. I finally painted it! Yes, crayons within reach. I use them on fabric. Crabapple Hill has some wonderful embroidery pattens that use crayons to tint or lightly add some color to the fabric.

Above: This area is used for ironing. The white shelf above the ironing board is white with red ric-rac.

Above: This is the paint caddy that my in-laws gave me. I finally painted it white. It is so handy. I love having some of my paints within sight. The other 50 or so bottles are in the closet. I also love recycling and using large tin cans for storage. See the red can. It coordinates so well with the room and it cost nothing. I use it to hold all of my brushes.

Above: Don't forget to add a splash of silliness! I learned this from Jody over at Postcards From FunTown!

Above: Shelf with Creative Breathing stuff on it. I can't wait to make more circus stuff and fill up this shelf. Maybe a Circus banner would be cute above the shelf.

Above: Vintage doll bed. Holly Hobbie, By-low baby, Winnie the Pooh and Curious George (in back right corner), just a few of my childhood toys.

Above: Tin cans again, wrapped in scrapbook paper, glued together, a place to house my copic markers.

Above: Sorry this is a little blurry. My good camera lens is broken. This is a great way to see at a glance which copic markers you have. Kind of like a key. Just draw a line with marker and then write the number of the marker by the line.

Above: The shelf above my one window. The wooden scissors is where it all started. I thought that it would be so cute painted aqua. Of course then I had to have curtains, then a shelf above the curtains, then some cutesy stuff on the shelf, then ric-rac, then of course a few flags would make the shelf so stinkin' cute. The pattern for the flags are found on Happy Zombie blog. She loves the same colors as I do: red, aqua & white! Her craft room is so stinkin' cute.

Above: Little desk by the ironing board. Holds my bakers tower, vintage cookie jar and some old books.
Thanks for visiting my craft room. I will post some more pictures tomorrow.

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