Sunday, February 12, 2012

What I've Been Doin'....

This week has just flown by. We just had a regular week, nothing special. I have been working on some projects. The applique quilt I have shared before. It is Paper Dolls by Lori Holt. This quilt is going to be so cute. I can't wait. I did have a hard time with the background fabrics, so I had to break down and buy some. The fabrics that I had in my stash were too busy. I needed pretty pastels. I am very happy with what I ordered. I love to support our little quilt shop, but they mostly carry Civil War type prints, etc- not very many  pastels.
Above: This block is just adorable. The mixer looks like the one I have that belonged to my Mama Marcinak. The red stitches are going to be a glass measuring cup outlined in gray. The little mess of thread under the mixing bowl is the start of the embroidered words.

Above: I have been working on this quilt for about 4+years now- off and on. I tackled the largest piece first. I am doing a stem stitch which takes longer than a running stitch, which is what most people use. No particular reason why I choose the stem over the running other than I needed practice. I do think that stem stitch does use more floss or maybe it is just my imagination :)

Above: very blurry, sorry. I have not finished the snowmen. The do need their french knot features. I am saving that until I finish the last two snowflakes on this piece.

Above: Another block I finished

Above: What the quilt will look like when I am finished.
Quilt pattern by Crabapple Hill Studio.

Have an awesome Sunday!!
ps. I also posted on my other blog! Finally!