Friday, December 2, 2011

Such Wonderful Vintage Treasures....

I have been busy this week, finishing the decorating. I just have a little more before I am officially through. 
Here are my antique treasures. I just noticed that I forgot to include my antique nutmeg grater. It is so tiny and cute! I will post a picture of it soon.
Above: The most expensive thing in the picture was the ironing board. A major score for only $25!!!! The only other all wooden ironing board that I have seen was $45. Most of the vintage ironing boards have thin, wiry legs. Enamelware pot= $6, enamel red & white casserole looking dish= $4, watering can=$14 (another major score for the price & it has a green sprinkler head!), lace bundle $3, iron kitchen decorations= 2.75 each, tiny vintage sweater=$5.

Above: aren't these just adorable. I wish that I would have gotten the coffeepot, also, but that's ok, the teapot is cute! They are a heavy metal. At first I thought they were plaster. Now, I just have to find a place for them.

Above: It looks like a recipe box, but it says Christmas Card List. I have never seen one of these before. Christmas card list box=$6.

Above: My DH (dear hubby), made this sweet little tiered bench. It usually holds my crockery, but I thought that my pretty vintage bowls would look fun here among the spoons and cookie cutters. The bowl on top was my grandmothers on my mom's side. The little yellow bowl (on 2nd shelf in the middle) was another antique treasure find for only $10. These little bowls are so hard to find and soooo cute to decorate with.

Above: This sweet little cabinet was also my grandmothers. We called her "Mama", pronounced like "Maaamaa", drawing out the "a"s. She kept her cereal and cereal bowls in it, so when I visited I used this cabinet almost everyday. It now holds my vintage Fire King Jadeite. Can you see the cute little salt and pepper shakers on the 2nd shelf? It is Rudolph and Santa's sleigh. A wonderful gift from my wonderful sister. The green cookbook that the Jadeite batter bowl sits on is also from her. The vintage mixer on top was also Mama's.

Above: Uh oh! Some has been a joker again.....D#2 was so surprised at this one. She couldn't believe that he made a "flour" angel, instead of a snow angel.

Above: Who stole a cookie from the cookie jar? Look at that face! Messy! He didn't finish the cookie, so he finished it the next night.

Above: The next night.....cookie is almost finished. Face still messy.

Above: Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.......
Have a great night,

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