Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not A Creature Was Stirring.....Except Elfie

The Elfie has been at it again. Here he is in the living room on the fan pull. He did fall and we had to use tongs to pick him up, because as everyone knows, if you touch the Elf he will lose his magic! The next morning we found him hanging with the nutcrackers (in background of picture below).
Above: Hanging around. I haven't been blogging everyday about Elfie. Sometimes he does boring stuff, like hiding on Fridge, peeking out of mixing bowl, conversing with nutcrackers, etc. I didn't think that anyone would want to look at those boring pictures, so I'll blog about his mischievous side.

Above: Elfie loves baby Jesus and the real meaning of Christmas. That particular morning he was found in the manger with baby Jesus. D#2 thought that was the coolest thing Elfie has done.
I have another picture that I wanted to share. It was the mischievous side of Elfie again, but Dear Hubby messed with my camera last night and I can't get that particular picture to download. I will work on that tonight and try to blog about it, if I can get it to download.

Oh yea, we caught a squirrel in our rabbit trap this morning and of course nobody (meaning dear hubby or handy son---but I have to say, I am not sure if handy son would have been so handy....he's the child (teenager) that screamed like a girl when a June bug landed on him two summers ago) was here but me. I had to release this very mad and very, very, angry squirrel. He was even gnashing his teeth at me! All I could think about was that scene in A Christmas Vacation when the squirrel catches a ride on Clark Griswold's back! 

 Clark W. Griswold

 Clark Griswold:)

I finally did get the squirrel out. Thank goodness, no Griswold adventure.
Little side note: The reason that we have a rabbit trap is to catch a rabbit of course! We have one under our deck. I believe that it is a pet that was either released or escaped. He or she is white with black spots, but not very friendly. It stays hidden under the deck and I do worry about it, because of course our outside dog would be a  Jack Russell. They were bred for rabbit hunting.....

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful Thursday,


  1. I'd nash my teeth at you too if I had to contend with Bullet and be stuck in a rabbit cage ;) So funny, lets just hope you don't catch a racooon, I hear they're mean. So funny, made me smile! Love to all, Elizabeth

  2. Loved reading this! It cheered me up...I was having a rough day. Love ya Marianne


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