Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

The kids had a fun last night. Son was Paul Bunyan. He refused to let me give him a beard, so I did some editing and I think he looks rather dashing. He really didn't go Trick or Treating, but instead went over to a friend of his and helped her take her sister around the neighborhood. He is gonna die when he sees this photo.
Above: Got any trees that need cuttin' down.....

Above: Pulling all the "guts" out.

Above: That pumpkin needs a good shakin'.

Above: Drawing the pumpkin face. Son, DH and Son's sweet friend.

Above: D#2 was an angel. She wanted to be several things before deciding on an angel. The past couple of days she practiced her Trick or Treating speech. It went like this:
(knocking on closet door) "Trick or Treat....I am an angel....Do you like my costume?....Aren't I divine?"
 The weather was cold, probably around 50 degrees. It probably dipped to around 40 at 8pm. She was finished around 7pm. She and DH walked around with our neighbors. I am sure Little Friend was cold, but her costume was so pretty.

Above: Here is sweet D#1. I am not really sure but I think she was Sista Freeze? She and her college buds dressed up as evil superheros. This looks nothing like her. When she first walked into the house DH and I were asking everyone, "Where is she?". They really didn't Trick or Treat, but collect money for UNICEF.

Above: This lovely pumpkin was drawn by D#2 and carved by DH. He followed her exact drawing. She was so excited to see it come to life.
Above: Son carved this one.

Hope everyone has an awesome week. I plan on making Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread tomorrow. I will let you know how it turns out. Take care and have a great night,

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