Saturday, November 19, 2011

That Is One Sneaky Little Fellow....

Well...we have had a lot of excitement around our house lately. The Elf has arrived and he has been causing a lot of mischief. His first appearance was on Saturday morning last week. And for 2 days he did not move. D#2 and I wondered why he wasn't moving (or going to see Santa at night). D#2 had the brilliant idea that maybe he only went to see Santa if we were bad. Hmmmm...the book explains that he or she flies to the North Pole every night regardless if you have been naughty or nice. "Well maybe we need to be naughty to wake him up." explained D#2. Ok.....i thought, but not too naughty. Maybe if we hurdle insults at him that will do the trick. "Your breath smells like licorice." "You have gumdrops in your brain." "Don't get your panties in a wad!" (D#2 loved that one, she thought it was hilarious that elves wear panties) "Your favorite pet is a dust bunny!", etc. Just silly little sayings. Enough to make an Elf a little aggravated and report to Santa. Well, that did the trick! He took off that night and started throwing mischief around our house like crazy. We have the photos to prove it:
Above: He got into the flour and threw flour snowballs on the counter. Look at that snicker.

Above: He was very hard to spot here. He kind of blended in. See the helicopter in the top of the picture. Elf is holding the controls. D#2 didn't like the way he was looking at Grandma. She asked "Why does he look like he is going to do something to push her off."-lol.

Above: Here he is zip lining. He was carrying the cookie cutters across the room and placing them in the chandelier. Such a naughty little thing!

Above: Up to no good. Look at the note and then the paint brush. D#2 gave him a peace offering, see in his lap. She thinks this will calm him down-haha.

Above: This is what she woke up to. "Why did the elf paint me to look like a clown?" "You're not a clown, I bet it is a Rudolph nose." That calmed her down, no clowns around here!!
Above: I promised a sweet dear friend that I would post this pic of my country church pew. I just love it!! Notice the tile floor. I am so use to the tile that I forget that I have it. I can't stand it!!! It just looks too modern to me. Maybe one day we can get wood..... Notice the quilt. It is all hand quilted and hand pieced. Some of the pieces are frayed and the edge is a little frayed. I love it!!! The amount of work and time that went into it needs to be truly respected. I also only paid $6 for it.
Above: My two quilt pillows. I can't bring myself to cut any quilt to make me a pillow, so anytime I see one of these pillows, I buy it.

Have a great and wonderful weekend. It is cold here, 45 degrees. Hopefully it will warm up a little, we are suppose to go to our town's Christmas lighting/craft fair this afternoon.


  1. Holly, your elf's antics are absolutely adorable! Love the pics that you took of him and the story. Too cute!

    Thanks for posting the pic of the pew; it looks fabulous in your home. The quilt hanging behind it really sets it off nicely.


  2. Hey there Holly! I love the elf's mischief and esp D#2's reactions to it all. The red nose is a hoot! Much love to all! Elizabeth


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