Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Have Been Bitten.....

I have been bitten by the Pinterest bug. Sorry I haven't posted in a can be addictive. I finally figured out how to link the Pinterest button onto this blog. It's in the upper right corner. Just click on it and it should take you to my Pinterests. Pinterest is sort of like a big scrapbook that you can share photos with others. It is mainly pictures with explainations of what the picture is about. I found this site to be very helpful in organizing all of my pictures that I have collected from all over the internet. I did have them stored in My Pictures file on my computer but they were not very well organized. Now they are!
Have a great day,

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Autumn Fever

I love applique quilts. Last year I started the free applique quilt pattern from Bunny Hill Designs. It is so adorable. I only have one more block to finish (I believe there were 12 blocks). About 1 1/2 wks ago I started "Grandmother's Apron". It is a very adorable quilt all hand appliqued using the needle turn method. I had not tried that type of applique yet. A few years ago I used the fusible applique method and then you would stitch down the edges with a sewing machine stitch. I really didn't like the feel of this (was too stiff) or the look (you could tell it was a cheater method when you look close). With the Bunny H pattern I used the "paint on liquid starch then iron" method. I really didn't like the look of this. The applique looked too flat. I guess it was all that starch and ironing. The needle turn method is so much prettier and not as time consuming as painting the starch. It is not hard at all! I was so surprised. I thought it would be very difficult especially with the sharp corners.  
Above: Isn't this just adorable? This is a Bee in My Bonnet pattern. When I finish it I am going to hang it in my stair well and hang old kitchen utensils around it. I may even add a shelf and put some vintage kitchen stuff up there. I will show you a photo when it is finished and hung.
Above: I love the embroidery part of this quilt. It says " I remember grandma's" and the word "apron" is appliqued on the bottom (see first picture).

Above: My Hoosier. The old mixer is my grandmothers (and I just love it!!). The sifter is one I picked up at an antique mall for $6. I had been looking at them for years and didn't want to pay the normal price tag of $10-$20, so I patiently waited. The red and white pot holder is one that D#1 made when she was little, maybe 7 yrs old. It just oozes kitchy. The pastry blender and wooden butter mold/press are two more things that I purchased at the antique mall.

Above: Fall leaves on antique pie safe. See the tiny quilt. It is from the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle club that I joined last year. This is the only one I made. I have, I believe, 9 more to make :) I plan on using my new/old Featherweight to sew them. See the plant in bottom left corner? Son won it during an FFA (Future Farmers of America) party. They were giving away door prizes and he won the plant. Go figure, can't imagine why they would have plants as door prizes for a bunch of high school boys. 2 liters of Mountain Dew or NOS (energy drink) would have been more up their alley. But I was tickled when he brought it home to me and said in his teenagery almost manly voice "Look what I won for you, mom." I loved it and told him that was the best door prize ever and he just kind of looked at me, not sure whether to agree (because I am is mom, therefore I am always right) or laugh (because his mom was so giddy over a dumb plant). 

Above: Buffet with Dept 56 Fall houses. This is in the Living Room to the right of the fireplace. Little Pip managed to get in the picture. She follows me everywhere and I usually crop her out or get her to move if she is in the line of fire.

Above: The mantel. Photos of family members, President Lincoln and Custer. I love vintage photos!

Above: This is the display on the other pie safe. The garland I found at Hobby L, it is lighted. Vintage bowls and vintage butter molds. The two vintage mason jars with zinc tops are from mom.

Above: My scarecrow. This year I wanted a cute authentic looking scarecrow. It is always so much trouble to fill his pants and shirt with straw or newspaper. I had Dear Hubby and Teenage Son built me a wooden "T" form for him. He has such a sweet face that the crows aren't scared of him.
Today it is very cool and Fallish feeling. It's wonderful!
So...have a great weekend and go make something crafty!!!!