Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What's Fair is Fair.....

I have been working on some craft fair stuff, so I have been busy, busy, busy! Sweet D#2's birthday is today, it kind of snuck up on me. We will be having her favorite dinner tonight. She requested: "Birthday Pizza", cake, ice cream and salad (mom's idea, not birthday girl's, gotta get those greens in). I will share pictures this week of her opening the gifts that we got her. D#1 won't be here tonight. Missing College classes for a Birthday party is not a good idea, even if it is your little sister's. She will help us celebrate it soon.

Anyway, here's some crafty things that I have been working on. I am not sure what to price them at, this is always the hardest part for me. I don't want to price them too high, but I don't want to price them to low.
Above: The little fabric bags. Great for storing yarn, cross stitch supplies, sewing supplies, stationary,  your latest WIP (work-in-progress), or really anything that you can think of. The first red handle bag has a crochet flower, the next bag has a yo-yo flower and the last bag (on right) has a crochet rooster-he is like a fridge magnet. So fun! I had forgotten how much I like to crochet. Maybe I need to keep one of these bags for myself to put my yarn and hooks in.

Above: The last three from left to right: 3 yo-yos, crochet granny square with a shell button in the middle and lacy rose with 3 pearls in the center. The strawberry pincushions are stuffed with wool and I have 4 more to make.

Above: Tiny little tomato pincushions. These are actually scissor fobs that double as a pincushion. The are also stuffed with wool for keeping those needles clean and rust free.

Above: The scissors fob/pincushion. A scissors fob is very useful. It "marks" your scissors. This way when you are at quilting class, sewing class, needlepoint class, sewing with sisters class, or any other type of class that involves needles, scissors, thread and fabric, you can keep up with your pair of scissors. This is especially handy if someone has the same exact pair as you do. No more going home and blaming the other sister for stealing your good pair of scissors, because she always cuts wire with hers and you definately don't want to end up with those scissors. Not that I would know anything about that......

Above: Almost finished dresden plate hot pad.

Above: What's this? Guess what I am going to make with this stuff. I'll show you as soon as I finish it/them :D
Have a wonderful day! and keep crafting!!

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  1. I can't wait to get that box of goodies in the mail and peruse all you've made. I've been thinking about yall and hoping that your DH is ok. I am holding y'all in my heart sister. Love you!


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