Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Mug Needs a Rug....

I am now into "crunch time mode". I need to mail off my craft items on Saturday to my sister in Kansas City. The Craft fair is the weekend of the 24th, so I am fast-ly approaching my deadline. My sister and her friend H, have been working so hard and planning forever for the Craft Fair booth. I know it is going to be a lot of fun!! Hopefully they can sneak in some photo ops and blog about it :)
Have you ever heard of a mug rug? No....well it's just like a place mat but smaller (mine are 9"x6"). It's a cute "place mat" for your mug of coffee, tea, cocoa, java, cup of joe, oj, dr. pepper and a nice little "pastry". So much fun and if you google "mug rug" there will be a wonderful variety of rugs. I appliqued my rugs and hand embroidered them. If you are new to mug rugs, the embroidery tells you which side is for the drink and which side is for the pastry. 

Above: The two on top have a place for the pastry and the bottom one doesn't. You can still put something to eat on that one but I just didn't designate a place for it. It was the first one that I made. I am only making these three. I have run out of time. I think that I am going to sell them in my Etsy store soon along with a crocheted mug cozy. Fun stuff!!

Above: I just love putting faces on stuff. These are not finished yet, they still need to be quilted and the binding sewn on.
Above: Remember this mystery pic? Well look below to find out what I made.

Above: Yes, a sock monkey. What's a Craft fair without a sock monkey? I had planned on making 6, but my sweet D#2 decided that she needed the socks more than I needed monkeys. I only managed to swipe 2 socks from her. The other monkey is aqua. As soon as I put a face on him, I will show him to you.
Have a wonderful day!!


  1. OOoohhh cuteness alert! Musti get this package soon....and must scheme about how to showcase them at the festival!!! LOve them!


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