Monday, August 29, 2011

I *HEART* Large Plastic Cups with Cute Coozies

I have a fun little project for today. It's a cup coozie (cozy, coozy, koozie, etc). I just love those clear plastic tumbler cups that are all the rage now. You know the ones. They look like a fast food drink cup, but are a lot more durable. I (heart) mine and use it all the time. The only down side, they are so boring to look at. I know that with some of the cups you can unscrew the top or bottom and insert pictures, scrapbook paper or cute fabric. Not mine, just a plain old cup. I needed a cup coozie. One big problem: I had a hard time finding a pattern online. It seemed that everyone started with the little paper sleeve as a pattern. I didn't have a Starbucks paper sleeve, but no problem, I would just make my own pattern. Ummmm....there is a reason that everyone uses the sleeve pattern. It took me about an hour to get my paper pattern just like I wanted it. The first pattern the top edge was too sharp and the bottom concave was to deep. The second one: the sleeve was too short and so on for the next hour. Finally, just right.

Above: I sewed strips of fabric together. I like 1 1/2" or 1 1/4" strips, but any size will do. 

Above: Here is the back. It looks very interesting.

Above: I place my pattern on top of the fabric strips and then cut around it, Adding 1/4" seam allowance. I then cut out thin cotton batting and a backing fabric.

Above: Here it is.

Above: I used 2 elastic pony tail rubber bands and 2 big red buttons to keep the coozie wrapped around the cup. If you google quilted cozy cup, there are tons  around. I liked the ones with the elastic loops that hook around the buttons. Have fun!
This particular one was a gift for a special friend. Now I am going to have to make me one. They are so cute.
Have a wonderful night,

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  1. I love the cozy and the piecing is so cute of course! Again I'm loving this blog template!!!Keep up the posting, I look every day! love you


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