Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Little Plate

I have always loved the dreamy Dresden plate, but it looks so complicated. I finally couldn't resist it anymore. I have this sweet little ruler, just for making Dresden plates of all sizes. Wouldn't a little 4 1/2" Dresden plate look adorable? Well, actually the spokes are 4 1/2", the plate ends up being 11 1/2".

Above: first step: cut out wedge using ruler, then cut out 19 more using different fabrics.

Above: Then fold the top of the wedge in half and sew (the top is the longer side).

Above: I like to chain piece them, actually I chain piece all the time! It saves thread and time. Chain piecing is just a continuous running of the fabric through the machine without cutting the threads.

Above: Chain piecing. They look like tiny little flags. I then snip them apart.

Above: The one on the left has been ironed (process a) and the one on the right has been inverted and ironed (process b).

 Above: Now, after you have finished both process a and process b, it's time to join them. I started in groups of two, then after all of those were finished, I made them into groups of four and then added the fifth wedge. Now I just have to sew one group together and the other group together. Finally I sew the two groups together to make the plate!!

Above: Here she is almost finished. I am making her for a craft fair that my sis and her sweet friend will have a booth at. I am a partner, but unfortunately I am not going to be attending :( 

 Above: Look what finally arrived. My cute little Singer Featherweight, all the way from England! I finally saved up enough $$ to get her. It took me about a year of saving (not because she was so much $$ but because I was saving pennies! not really dollars, so it took about a year :)
It is very fun to sew on. I can't wait to start making my Jo Morton quilts on it or my Civil War reproduction quilts. I will be sharing all of those projects on my other blog Prims 'n Pins. That blog is sorely neglected. I am going to make a Fall resolution to start blogging on it at least once a week (?).

This weekend has been beautiful. A little cooler, maybe by 5 degrees, but I can tell Fall is in the air!!
Keep those fingers happy, go sew something,

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  1. Hey sister, I know you are loving that new machine! Good for you for finally getting your feathweight. I love dresden plates too, I want to make some pillows for AJ's toddler bed and might try these! Love you! Also love the blog template.


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