Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to School = Fun Crafty Stuff!!!!

Wednesday was sweet little D#2's first day of big school. She is now an official kindergartner. She has the most wonderful teachers! We are so excited. Every week they will have to learn a Bible verse and recite it from memory on Friday. In the mornings during general assembly they recite the pledge to the American Flag, to the Bible and to the Christian Flag. This is all stuff that we use to do at church when I was little. They don't really do that in churches now, including ours.
So, of course first day of school = fun crafty things for the teachers. I just love doing this kind of stuff.
Above: Red basket with card, notepad, pin and apple dish scrubby.

Above: Stamped this cute image and colored it with my copic markers.

Above: The apple dish scrubby is crocheted. It was so fun! I haven't crocheted in months. I must start this again. The pattern is from Lion Brand Yarn. They have a lot of free cute patterns.

Above: Made this one with cotton red yarn.

Above: Here they are all wrapped up.
D#2 was so excited today. She said "We have just finished our first week of school! WOOOHOOOO!!!" I believe she likes school.
Have an awesome night and tomorrow we are going to be super busy moving D#1 into her dorm!!
Keep those crafty little fingers busy and out of trouble :)

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