Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jar Salsa vs. Pico De Gallo

Jar Salsa vs. Pico De Gallo...
I must confess, I no longer eat jar salsa. It just doesn't taste right.
Here's a great recipe that I enjoy making at least once a day. I love it for lunch, goes great with a cheese quesadilla. All you need is:
1 tomato
lemon juice
onion-mild kind, we're eatin' it raw!
Chop everything, I like big chunks about the size of a pea. Handy hubby likes it chopped very fine, it looks like baby food (aka soupy salsa). Eat it with lime corn chips! Some day I am going to make my own chips....

Above: The jalapeno and onion are from my garden. The tomato is from farmer's market. I really don't like to use bottled lemon juice, but it was all I had. I did grow cilantro this year, but after a few weeks, it goes to seed and peters out. I did find out this past week that it is best to buy seeds and grow cilantro in two week intervals.

Above: All chopped up and ready to eat! Wish you could smell it. The cilantro is awesome!
I finished a pincushion that I had been working on. This time it is more of a modern pincushion, meaning that I used bright colors and new fabrics. The fabric line is from Bonnie and Camille. I love using vintage fabrics, but this fabric line just spoke to me. I hope that I can make some place mats using this line and maybe do a tutorial on them. Napkins would be cute too!

Above: it is a pear pincushion and snip-it bag.

Above: hand embroidered pear.

Above: Two hand sculpted pears. The photo is kind of dark. They look so cute in person.
That's all that I have to share for today, hopefully I can get a post in tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day, keep those hands busy!!

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  1. Looks so good! The pear and the bears are adorable!!!! You did an amazing job on the bears, love you sis!


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