Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Whatcha' Working On

June has just flown by!! I can't believe that July 4th is next week. The garden is growing nicely. We have picked a few tomatoes, jalapenos, bell pepper and one squash. We ate the squash in a salad last night. Tonight we are having pasta salad and crusty bread for supper. I am going to add a couple of cherry tomatoes from the garden to it. I will post the recipe tomorrow, if it gets the thumbs up tonight.

Just a few crafty things to post. Mainly a "whatcha been working on" kind of post. Most of them are on Etsy now.

Woolly Bear Caterpillar.

Little felted mouse with her woolly bear pet.

Above: Taking Woolly Bear out for a stroll.

Above: new pedestal pincushion. Made out of 100% wool.
Needle/Scissor fob

Above: I stitched designs around the pincushion. Mouse, kitty and house. Kitty is flying a kite. The two hand sculpted pins were a blast to design. The cheese was especially fun. Poking the holes in it to get Swiss cheese.

Above: scissor fob. See how handy the needles stay, right by your scissors. The red thread keeps them looped to your scissors, so that when you are sewing in a crowd and someone has scissors just like yours, you can tell them apart. All of the stitching on the pincushion and fob was hand stitched, using various stitching methods.
I will be back tomorrow with some more. My computer is very slow tonight, taking forever to upload the pictures.

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