Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two Quilts Finished!

Finally....I finished the quilts. They were not hard at all just time consuming, especially when you are designing as you go along. I wanted to make a "wonky" quilt because it is Dr. Seuss after all. I could not find a pattern for the type of wonky quilt that I envisioned. So, since necessity is the mother of invention, I created my own. I have never made a quilt without using a pattern. It was not hard but I did have to plan it out in advance. The two quilts took about 3 weeks to complete. I first had to stamp each child's hand onto fabric using acrylic paints and a fabric medium. I then used a solid color fabric for the first border, then a solid black fabric to kind of "ground" the framed hand print. Then the Dr. Seuss print-which is so adorable. I then added a solid blue border to the full length and width of the quilt. The binding is made from fabric that has titles of Dr. Seuss books: The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish, etc. I did embroider each child's name under their hand. I debated on whether to allow them to sign each block or embroider it. I figured less confusion at preschool the better. I had them sign a small panel that I appliqued on the back of the quilt. It turned out so cute. I am glad that I had the forethought to make an extra set of hand prints so that I am now able to make D#2 a matching quilt. How special that will be in a few years for her to look back on that quilt and remember all of her friends from preschool. Duh...Why didn't I get hand prints from her teachers?!!?  Maybe I can get them sometime soon. I also did all the quilting on these two quilts. I usually don't quilt my quilts because I don't have an easy way to do it. I just have a basic sewing machine without a large throat, so this makes quilting a little more difficult. I always quilt my smaller stuff like baby quilts and small wall hangings. So this larger quilt was a challenge that I was willing to take on. I actually found out that it is not as hard as I have always made it out to be. If I rolled up the edges and kept them rolled I could quilt at a steady rhythm. I got really good at stippling-which is just a wandering stitch. Click on the photos below to zoom in and you can see what I am talking about. I used a clear thread on top and a blue green thread in the bobbin.

Above: Quilt #1. There were thirteen students in the class, so I had to make two extra squares.

Above: Quilt #2

Above: Close up. Notice how "wonky" the squares are. I did use some plastic templates that I made just for this quilt. If I hadn't used the templates that quilt would have been really "wonky" in all the wrong places :)

Above: Back. Notice the red fabric at top. This is a sleeve for hanging the quilt.

Above: Back of the quilt. The signature panel. The back fabric that I used is the head of the Cat in the Hat-so adorable! We have had a wonderful year in preschool! Next year D#2 starts kindergarten and couldn't be more excited! Head on over to Prims n' Pins to see what I made the Director of the preschool and the music teacher.

Have an awesome day!! and stay cool! Today the mercury will reach 94 degrees here in the Piedmont of NC. Whew...that's hot.
Happy quilting,

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