Monday, May 2, 2011

Tied To Grandmaw's Apron Strings

I finally have an apron in the shop. I actually had the apron finished about a week ago, but it is the "tweaking" that takes awhile. I decided to change the fabric flower into three yoyos, I added more buttons and a pocket. I knew that I wanted the apron to have a removable tea towel but couldn't find a tea towel in my stash to please me. So, I embroidered a vintage design onto a repurposed feedsack pillowcase. Can't believe that someone took a feedsack and made it into a pillowcase, it was a little scratchy for the face. But, I guess when you need a pillowcase and nothing else is available, you can't be too picky. Or maybe you can't afford a pillowcase and you use what you have.
Above: Grandma Eva's Apron. I named this apron after my great grandmother Eva. It is made from a repurposed vintage sheet so it is very soft. The cream ric rac is also vintage.

Above: Close up of the little towel I embroidered.

Above: Hand stamped a vintage silverplated spoon to go with the apron. I have a few more fun ideas for these spoons that I hope to finish in the next couple of days and share with you. The spoon is functional, you just need to run it through the dishwasher to remove the non toxic paint I used on the letters. It reads "pickles".

Above: D#1 modeling the apron.

Above: Notice that she is stirring invisible frosting in her bowl. And yes, her fingernails still bear the plum nail polish from prom night.
Have a great rest of the night!!


  1. Hey there! I finally got my computer back! Love the apron and especially love D#1 modeling it!!! Love the nail polish too! I like that pocket with bias binding, I like the look of bias binding on aprons!

  2. I love bias binding too! And ric rac. Got you sweet mother's day card yesterday and thank you so much!! That was such a sweet suprise. D#1 didn't mind modeling too much. She really was a good sport about it. Glad that you got your computer back. I know that you missed it. Love ya!!


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