Sunday, May 1, 2011

Plantin' Veggies

 Hey! Glad you stopped by today. I spent the whole weekend gardening and enjoying the warm sunshine. I put sunscreen on my face but forgot the tip of my nose. Oh didn't burn too bad. We planted carrots, sweet potatoes, radishes, eggplant, big Bertha bell peppers, jalapenos, onions, sugar snap peas, a blackberry bush and herbs. In the other garden, which is waiting approval from our neighborhood ARB, will have crook neck squash, zucchini, cucumbers and maybe some okra. I do have a few tomato plants in whiskey barrels on the deck. One is a cherry tomato, a patio tomato and a German heirloom tomato. I will try to take pictures every Friday and give an update on the vegetables.
Above: Whiskey barrel with basil and cherry tomato. Notice the chicken wire. I just love the look of chicken wire but this was a necessity. It keeps the critters out of my pots and away from the tomatoes.

Above: Here's the critter the chicken wire keeps out-Bullet. She is a Jack Russel and loves to dig. Of course my pots make the perfect digging spot, the soil is nice and soft -so much effort is not needed to dig a nice big hole. She also happens to love tomatoes!!

Above: Cherry tomato

Above: Basil

Above: Small washtub with marigolds, mint, rosemary and a sweet potato vine (visual enjoyment only, they don't produce sweet potatoes). I have two of these pots on a red bench in front of the bay window in my kitchen. Bullet loves to sit on the bench and whine to get in. She also leaves muddy paw prints all over the glass. These tubs have stumped her. She is a little confused and has tried various ways to get around them. So far, the tubs have worked.

Above: The main garden. It is 8 x 20. The other garden will look just like this one, notice the fence around it. Keeps the "critter" out.

Above: My peony did wonderful this year. When the two older kids were small, they would ask me if this was a rose and I would tell them "No, it's a peony." They thought I said "pantie", as in lady's under drawers, so they called it a "pantie bush". Down south, peony and pantie sound so similar.

Above: Peony about to bloom. You are suppose to snip off the smaller blooms to the right and left of the larger bloom, but I can never bring myself to do it. Kind of like "thinning out" the small vegetables the garden before they get too big. It is so hard for me to do.

Above: Lamb's ear. So soft! and invasive, but easy to pull up.

Above: Butterfly garden. These black eyed susans will be so beautiful in July. I will take pictures then and post them. When the flowers seed, the Goldfinches just love them.

Above: Volunteer johnny jump up. Not sure where he came from, but he has been around for the last two months. So beautiful.

Above: The sun was starting to set so I had a hard time getting the color to come out on this photo. This beautiful and unusual plant is called a Fuchsia.

Above: View of the peony from the deck. It is really much bigger than it looks in this picture.

Above: Big kids and hubby getting rid of some yard debris. Hubby is hiding behind the tree, squirting water on the flames to keep them from getting out of control.

Above: Two ferns on the pergola. I love to sit out here and read or stitch my embroidery.

Above: This cute little wind chime was a gift from sister, Marianne, as a wedding present to Dear hubby and myself. It has traveled all over the United States for the past 20 years. 
Above: Dear Daughter #1. Her prom was this past Saturday. She went with a friend to get her nails "done". Both hands and feet. It was an experience that she will not soon forget. Such fun times!! (I dotted out her face because my blogging sister and I agreed that when we post pics of our children that we wouldn't show their faces. There are so many weirdos out there, you can't be too careful with your children!!! I hope y'all understand)
Hope you enjoyed this lengthy post (sorry), but we had alot of fun this past weekend with prom and yard work. I feel like we got alot done.
Have a great rest of the weekend and keep those ten little fingers that God gave you busy,
Hands to work, hearts to God,


  1. Hey Sweet D#1: Loved the pic of Molly and her beautiful dress. It fits lovely and I know she was BEAUTIFUL!! Are her pics on facebook? The pic of Bullet is cute too. Can't wait to follow your garden.
    I can't believe you are selling the apron. I just knew it was my mother's day gift. just kidding. It is so cute and surely will be snapped up.
    Take care beautiful #1 and I love you, mama

  2. Hey Mom, Been trying to get in touch with you via your cell phone....forgot until earlier today that it doesnt work. Forgive me. I am going to check on the college schedules for hubby and D#1 and make sure they get those days off. Will get back in touch with you soon. or you can call. I can't remember if her pics are on facebook will have to let you know.
    Apron-lol I am going to make a few more to put on Etsy, just have to finish the teachers' gifts, they are taking up all of my extra time. Have a wonderful day! Love you!!


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