Saturday, April 2, 2011

School Days, Golden Rule Days

My grandfather use to sing that song to us every time we would go and visit him during the summer. I couldn't stand for him to sing it, because that song was just a reminder that our time with them would be coming to an end soon and we would be traveling back home to start another year of school. The next mouse that I wanted to make was a little girl mouse going to school all dressed in her school uniform. Her head is needle felted from 100% wool fiber. Her arms, legs and body are made from wrapped wire.
Her skirt is black and white checked cotton fabric. Her blouse has a collar but it is hard to see. The little jacket is made out of 100% wool fabric with tiny pearl beads as buttons. She is wearing a headband/bow on her head. Her head is smaller than my normal mice. I am going to make her some books before I list her on Etsy. I thought that 2 tiny books would look so cute. Maybe an apple in her hand for the teacher?

 Above: On the right is Patrick Gnome, see how big his head is. On the left is....not sure what her name is yet, but for now I will call her little school girl. I made her jacket from some 100% wool fabric. This fabric made for a very realistic looking jacket. I really like how it turned out. You can't see the little felt collar that I made for her, but it is there. She is wearing little Mary Jane's on her feet with white stockings.

Above: clothes need straighting up, I had just finished her headband so I had messed her up a little.

Above: side view
Above: These are two commissioned tooth keeper dolls. They are for sisters. Their dresses will be a lavender check. I can't wait to finish them-the whole process of making these dolls is so much fun! I love designing them and seeing the finished product.
Have an AWESOME weekend and remember to keep those crafty fingers busy!

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